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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Assam Pedas and marinated beef

Salam uols
Today i'll be sharing with you guys on how to cook assam pedas and sweet marinated beef that is cooked to perfection.. Before i go any further, i know some might ask and say :

" deyh, this blog about what? first relationships and such..then suddenly recipe pulak?"

" Im confused! "

Okay2..my blog is about my life ..this is my blog, so i can do whatever i want.. its either u r interested or not..dead simple people! huih..

Anyways...i do appreciate uolss nya interest in following my blog>> TQ BAYBAYY

Back to the recipes...

Assam pedas

A fish Tenggiri or Stingray – ‘Pari’
5 okras
10 dried chilies
2 cloves of garlic
5 cloves of shallot
1 cm of ginger
1 cm of turmeric
1 lemon grass
1 teaspoon of fish curry powder
1 tablespoon of tamarind (put into a cup of warm water an squeeze the juice)
Sugar to taste
Salt to taste


Blend chilies together with garlic, shallot, ginger and turmeric. Heat oil and fry the blended paste with lemon grass until fragrant. Add fish curry powder and stir well. Then add tamarind juice and two cups of water. Wait to boil. Finally add okras, fish and salt and sugar to taste. Wait for 2-3 minutes for fish to cook.

Easy right? Believe me..the results is to die for!

Marinated beef

1kg of prime beef or beef on bone (cut into small cubes)
1/2 cups of dark soy sauce
2 Onions
-one finely blend and one sliced into four
2-3 tablespoons of sugar
5 tablespoons of chili sauce
3 tablespoons of tomato sauce
1 cup of water
Salt to taste
Cooking oil

How to:

Blend the asterisk ingredients. Marinade beef with dark soy sauce, sugar and blended asterisk ingredients. Rest aside for about an hour (overnight is recommended). Heat up some oil in a wok. Stir fry the marinated beef until just cooked. In a bowl mix together the chilli sauce, tomato sauce with a cup of water. Then add the mixture into the wok. Continue to stir until the sauce thickens. Finally add sliced onion and salt to taste.

sorry i had to grab some pictures from Google *thankies* because i did not have the chance to snap these two dishes as it finished as fast as lightning! Alhamdulillahh...

I guess this is all for now.. Enjoy the recipe...u'll love it...promise:)


Saturday, 25 December 2010

Seriously? Yes.. Seriously it happens..

Many people are of the mindset that physical attraction has no explanation. If you are attracted to someone, you just are attracted. There’s no rhyme or reason to it and there’s nothing you can point your finger at that would explain ‘why’. However, science tells us that there are specific reasons why we are attracted to some people and not attracted to others - and our genetic composition or makeup has a lot to do with who gets our heart’s beating fast.

Many of us like to think that we aren’t prejudice, or that we don’t prejudge, who we choose to hang out with, hire for employment or become friends with at work based on appearances. Yet, research has shown that people who have physical appearances that are the most appealing to the general population are more likely to be selected for jobs, get the best tables at restaurants, receive preferential treatment and they are more likely to be approached for friendships.

Whether we know it or not our brains are judging people up based on how healthy they appear and this information is judged subconsciously by a person’s face symmetry. If our brains are being that judgmental for non-romantic connections… it goes into overdrive when it comes to romantic connections.

In regards to romantic relationships, a person’s personality and intelligence can attract us, but it’s their biology or genetic makeup that gets our attention first - and it can close the deal. When we are interacting with a potential romantic partner our brains are sizing them up and judging whether they are showing of producing suitable offspring . All we know is we are attracted… our hearts may beat faster, our breathing may speed up and we may feel butterflies tickling our insides. All of these feelings are nature’s way of alerting us that the person we are interacting with is a good reproduction match for us.

Women should know that hormone levels can complicate these impulses. Hormones can greatly impact how we judge people. Many women have said they felt attracted to someone, only to lose interest the next time they were together. If this has happened to you, chalk it up to hormones.

What is considered beautiful or attractive by the world’s view changes with the times. What was considered ideal clothing, body shapes and hair styles a hundred or so years ago isn’t the same today. These ‘culture ideas’ of beauty change fast - sometimes decade by decade. However, our brains are wired so that no matter the era, it is seeking out a particular standard of beauty/health in a partner that is ideal for us as individuals. The standard are brains operate within is often a general result of the society or region we live in and it has little to do with trends.

The brain knows when it’s within range of a good match. Have you ever met someone and felt like you couldn’t think straight when he was around? Did you feel that you were behaving oddly? Did you feel that all reason flew out of your mind and that you were simply drawn to this person like a magnet? Attraction breaks through common sense and even intelligence. You may know you’re acting like a fool, but you can’t help yourself. All you know is you want to get closer. It’s only after we get to know the other person that these overpowering feelings dissipate a bit so we are able to get to know the person’s true self, focus on who he is as an individual and possibly develop something concrete with him.

The debate will continue as to whether attraction is purely a result of a biological process. Yet, whether the reason is biological, emotional or cultural, we generally will never be able to predict who will send our radar’s off. We just know when we do feel it. The next time someone you meet someone and you are drawn in like a moth to a flame and you wonder ‘why’ - perhaps he doesn’t meet the idea of what you think you should be attracted to - take a moment to realize that there’s more than just your own personal ideas involved in attraction. Nature works in mysterious ways and often times it doesn’t care whether you agree if the attraction should be there or not. It is just there.

Friday, 24 December 2010


Masterchef.. My new favorite reality show.. I love cooking.. My inspiration is the show itself.. I followed the show from the 1st episode till they crowned the first ever Masterchef.. Whitney :

My all time fav contestant would be DAVID MILLER! Though he came in 2nd place.. i still love him.. His confident and passion in cooking caught my eyes and heart to love cooking more and more..David Miller :

My other favourite would be the ever good looking Sharone..hehe :

If there's gonna Masterchef Malaysia.. i'd love to participate... :) The best show everrrrr!!

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

The year i finished my 3 years of studying Civil Engineering ( Diploma )

The year i declined the offer i got to further at UDM

The year i made the stupidest mistake of my life

The year i cried a lot

The year i stopped making a fool of my self

The year i knew that there are better things in life to be thinking about

The year i differentiate true friends and false friends

The year i realized that i was given a chance to start all over

The year i opened a new book


The beginning of a new chapter
( coming soon )

Saturday, 18 December 2010

The all new Safi Balqis Perfect 10

Before i start to typebabble , i would like to apologize ..some of the pictures taken are with the courtesy of Google Image search, also Manggaonline :) Thanks :)

Her beauty has bloomed with the fragrant scent of Princess Balqis. True beauty and holy dream of every Muslim woman in accordance with the teachings of Islam. Inspired by Princess Balqis from the reign of Nabi Sulaiman, Safi Balqis, one of the halal beauty products in the world is now emerging with new products of SAFI BALQIS - Perfect 10. (adapted from the short gimmick at the event )

Howdy readers.. Today..I will show you.. the difference i felt after using The all new Safi Balqis Perfect 10..

This was taken 2 years ago... Now take a look at this picture..

That was taken 2weeks ago...

See the difference? Yeah.. I am definitely chubbier than before.. And darker...hmm... Well.. Most probably because i have been spending too much time pampering my face with various products -_-*sigh* .. Seriously.. BAD IDEA ! Currently, i've been using the new Safi Balqis Perfect 10.. yup, definitely a must for me.. and i promised myself to stick to one product.. my safii...hihihi... Look at me now :)

The picture above was after a week( one week and 4 days ) after the event was held ...Alhamdulillah...Since i started to use Safi .. I feel more confident and more alive...Though..i did not looked like the first picture shown.. its getting better..whats best is..the results was fast.. The first picture, yep..i agreed..i looked fairer..but my skin was very dry.. dead dry..SUPER DRY..you get the point -_-...The 2nd pic..i looked darker..see those eyebags and uneven skin tone? OMG right!

I asked my prince, he definitely agreed that im chubbier.. but he couldnt stop saying , complimenting on how beautiful i look lately.. though i dont feel that way.. i appreciate his compliments.. Thanks hubby :)

Okay..Okay..MAIN TOPIC ... Now... It's my pleasure to share with you guys on this new product I've been bragging about...hehehe...

In understanding the needs of women today, Safi formulation appears to Perfect 10 to 10 benefit to the skin smoother and brighter complexion within two weeks. There is no longer dull and uneven skin. Safi Balqis Perfect 10 is the fourth generation of the Safi Balqis product.

According to Product Group Manager UNZA (M) Sdn Bhd, Mahsuri Sulaiman, these new products researched and developed according to today's women demand. Consistent with the formulation of Nano technology Biowhite, Safi is pleased to introduce the new ambassador who will inspire every girls with big dreams out there. Guess who is the new ambassador???

Yay..You're right! Its the ever lovely Shila Amzah..
The picture shown was a gift bag i got during the launching of Safi Balqis's new product which was held at The Crowne Plaza Hotel .. It was a private event.. And by private, we were actually lost in finding the hall.. The funny thing was..we stood infront of a visual schedule of the hotel.. Luckily, one of the staff saw us clueless on where to go..lalalala...

Here are the benefits of using Safi Balqis Perfect 10..with a price range from RM 6.50 TO RM 25.90.. Its affordable and definitely will give you proof in just 2 weeks top .. Believe me.. I am using it too..as shown..hehehe.. Okay , the benefits are :

1. Fade pigmentation
2. Equalizes skin tone
3. Protects from UV rays
4. Skin Lightening
5. Protects against free radicals
6. Improve skin elasticity
7. Hydrating skin
8. Retains moisture
9. Smooths your skin
10. Softens your skin

So, what are you waiting for.. Pamper yourself with SAFI BALQIS PERFECT 10..YOU'LL SEE THE RESULTS IN JUST 2 WEEKS or JUST A WEEK LIKE I DID! :)


Thursday, 16 December 2010

Results! Let it be a good one this time...

Hmmm... i just checked my uitm application... still...nothing, my utm, in progress as well as my ukm application...i got an offer to further at unikl...but, in industrial design... I just hope everything will go well.. i am definitely not ready to work just yet... huhu :(

I always wanted to go to a university.. and further there..i never had the chance to be a 'university' student when i took my diploma..still...i am proud to have my very own diploma.. learning is fun..a certain someone once told me :

" Learning is a journey, it's not the place that shows your knowledge, it's your own self,your own desire and needs that expresses how educated you are"

Thats true alright ! :)

I just hope now i will be given a chance to further my degree.. I will do my best to make my family proud :D

Anyways.. to all the readers out there.. never feel its too late to study again.. Go ahead..pursue your dream..life is too short to be dreaming.. so..take a chance.. while you can.. To those who are comfortable the way you are now.. its okay.. happy is what makes a person to go on.. so live life to the very fullest..

To all my friends who applied.. all the best.. Remember Allah is always by your side.. God is always by your side.. Trust me.. Nothing will go perfectly well if you neglect your obligation towards God.. I am not perfect.. but life is all about being thankful.. so be thankful to everything you have now.. you'll get better in the future :)

I guess..thats it for now.. I'll be updating soon.. Take care everyone :)

To that someone.. I MISS YOU :)

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Thanks Syahmi Azim

Hehehehe.. i recieved a comment from my old friend..the cute syahmi azim..hehe..he's right..it has been a while since i updated my blog...not to worry though.. i'll be spending a lot of time blogging now..yay! me loikee...!

http://twosevenohthree.blogspot.com/ is his blog...check it out..cool gila..i tak tahu wt cenggitu..template blogger je..lalalla..hehe..

p/s : i da tukar linkk ...hehe..thankiesss... take careee uolsss

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

You think you're cute??!!

Okay..i was just browsing some of my friends on facebook. Then i encountered someone i don't quite remember approving..even if i do...i don't know why...!! Dangggg....

She was the one who turned my life like hell.. And the worst part she was in my friend"s list * i already deleted her*

Sorry not so wise a** i just hate you...i should not feel that way towards people...but you made an impression *bad one* i will never ever forget! With your profile picture showing all your skin.. I pity to who you are currently dating.. The whole world sees your body... Arghh... i just don't like it at all...

I am not perfect and i made mistakes as well.. i remembered that one time you called me b***h and w***e just because i started to wear hijab.. hey ! people change and so do you ! I thought you were my best friend before.. well its too obvious that you are definitely not worth to be called as a human being! Change la weyh!

Okay..to all readers...please.. be aware.. even your closest of friends and the ones you trust could betray u..it happened to me.. and im glad.. i was given a chance to be a new person... TO HER.. PLEASE .. YOU ARE NOT GIVING UP KAN.. IT HAS BEEN 4 YEARS AND YOU STILL TALK ABOUT ME ON YOUR PROFILE.. NO WONDER YOU HAVE NO FRIENDS.. PSYCHO... PLEASE REMEMBER ALSO THAT YOU HAVE NO MUM AND DAD TO LOOK AFTER YOU.. SO LOOK AFTER YOURSELF...

MOOD : :(

Monday, 13 December 2010

If 'Ocean Potion' was around when i was 10..

While i was busy figuring out on how to be model * hoping is not a a sin!*... i looked at some of my pictures on my desktop.. and BANG!

yUPP...yupp...school picture...it seems that you could guess which one i was...OBVIOUS RIGHT! ..Okay..the main reason why i 'susah2' crop this picture is to show you guys how dark i was! Damn! Now..this is the real BLACK SHEEP alright... During my younger years (cute? think twice -_-) my family loves going on vacation...Yes..you guessed it again... ISLAND VACATION! Tioman, Pangkor, Langkawi... You name it...

The weather... was never not hot..*get it?* Since age is not a number like many said..i dont care about anything back then...Soothing and laying underneath the sun without a care in the world.. Then when i got back at the hotel.. I have my own skin clothes! * its not cool...soo not cool -_-*

If i could just turn back time and tell my mum to put me on with some Ocean Potion® Kids Sunblock SPF 50 that specially formulated with Parsol 1789 for broad spectrum UVA I, II and UVB protection.

This gentle, non-irritating sunblock is designed exclusively for children's tender and sensitive skin. Its clean dry formula glides on easily, absorbes quickly into the skin and does not run into or burn the eyes.

Solaplex enhances the stability of Parsol® 1789 (Avobenzone) which makes Ocean Potion Sunscreens more reliable and longer lasting.

My mum would know bout it and i don't end up looking like in the picture with free natural swimming suit on -_-...

Now.. My instinct with mother nature..is highly strong..i spend most of my time at the beach and outdoors..I mean a lot... Would be a wonder if i could put some Ocean Potion Cool Dry Touch 30 Sunblock which is designed for the sport enthusiast's active lifestyle, Sport Potion SPF 30 bonds to your skin on contact, absorbs quickly and replenishes the skin with Vitamins A, C, & E.

This unique formula is very water and sweat resistant, oil free, paba free, dry, non-greasy, and fragrance free.

Solaplex(TM), enhances the stability of Parsol® 1789 (Avobenzone) which makes Ocean Potion® sunscreens more reliable and longer lasting.

How i wish i could grab some of these lovely potion so that my skin will remain as smooth as thai silk..maintain as fair as i am not really am now...but will...if i get my hands on them! yay


Sunday, 12 December 2010


Okay..i just updated my blog...no...not with post *though this is a new post? -_-* ...So dayuummm tired... Its okay i guess... well..it may not look as cool as other blogger page.. I'm proud of my accomplishment *dab on the shoulders* SERIOUSLY?? okay..currently i look like hell now.. Before the darkness under my eyes go further.. i better stop.. Thanks for stopping by.. Also, checkout my cousin's review on the private event we attended a few days back.. I tried to make the review.. many occurrence happened made me stop.. Hahaha..

Anyways ..her link is the left bar.. look for nurfs..

Thursday, 25 November 2010

6 bulan kemudian..

Dalam aku meneruskan hidup aku ketika ini... aku teringat kenangan-kenangan aku waktu aku belajar dulu...

Nama : Putri Salina Rais Binti Ismail
No. Pendaftaran : 17DKA07F016
Sesi : Julai 2007

Aku sangat bersyukur sebab aku dapat sambung belajar selepas dapat keputusan SPM yang okay lah bagi aku... Alhamdulillah...

Bila aku dapat tawaran sambung belajar dalam jurusan Kejuruteraan Awam aku terus terima...aku nak teruskan impian aku..

Macam2 berlaku sepanjang tempoh pengajian aku di sana..Walaupun aku tak berapa suka kat sana * sorry* tempat tu juga yang banyak menyedarkan aku tentang kehidupan kerana disitu aku banyak melakukan kesilapan yang aku lihat sekarang sebagai pedoman untuk masa2 akan datang...3 tahun...3 kisah... yang tahu segalanya adalah sahabat rapat aku.. segalanya aku ceritakan pada dia.. sehingga kini kami masih sahabat..rindu kamu sahabat...

Bagi aku.. semester yang paling mencabar adalah semester akhir aku... ketika itulah macam2 dugaan menimpa aku...aku hampir putus asa... sahabat aku tinggal di rumah sewa sepanjang semester akhir aku...kebanyakan masa aku dihabiskan bersama roomate kesayangan aku yang gila...rindu kat dia gak..hehe...tapi dia course lain..so..aku selalunya alone...

Masa semester akhir tu.. aku memegang jawatan yang agak tinggi di kamsis...terlalu banyak yang aku kena fikirkan..dengan final projek..dugaan2..selalunya aku hanya akan menangis untuk melepaskan tekanan yang aku hadapi...

Cinta? ya..semasa semester akhir...dugaan percintaan aku adalah paling teruk yang pernah aku lalui... bukan aku tak nak cite..cuma...xnak ingat...

kini..aku sudah habis belajar :)...fuhh...lega... hanya menunggu untuk sambung ijazah aku..InsyaAllah...

6 bulan kemudian...hehe...dia masih sahabat aku...6 bulan kemudian...aku makin 'sihat'...6 bulan kemudian...aku temui teman baru.. terima kasih atas segala sokongan awak pada saya...semoga awak belajar dengan bersungguh so that you will achieve you life long dreams... saya sayang awak :)

Aku tadi ada banyak idea nak update blog...tapi...fokus aku teralih oleh rancangan masakan..hahaha...sorry..pape nanti i'll update...


Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Bla bla bla...

entahlah..aku rasa macam sayang sangat pada dia..dia baik sangat..kadang2 aku rasa...layakkah aku untuk dia? aku pernah bersama orang yang sangat baik..akhirnya aku yang kecewakan dia..setiap hari dia call aku..so sweet...dia betul2 layan aku macam aku seorang wanita..dia menghormati aku..aku rasa seronok bila dapat bercakap dengan dia ...masa dia datang jumpa aku lagilah aku terharu..sanggup dia susahkan diri untuk jumpa aku dan menghormati permintaan mak aku.. baiknya dia...entahlah..betul ke aku ni...semua orang yang aku pernah berkasih sayang semua aku kata baik...biasalah orang sedang bercinta..ermm...bercinta ke?

Kadang2 aku tertanya..betul ke perasaan aku ni? kalau ikutkan pengalaman aku yang lepas..pasti aku ditinggalkan ...ditinggalkan maksud aku..si dia berubah hati...berkawan dengan perempuan lain..ye...itu lah yang sentiasa berlaku...aku sedaya upaya cuba nak selamatkan hubungan yang lepas...tapi, apa yang aku dapat...


Ya ..itu yang aku dapat hampir semua dalam hubungan cinta yang aku pernah lalui..kesian kan?
After my last boyfriend...i took caution when it comes to love... then i met him..yup..

Actually, it was never my intention to actually fall in love with him..he wanted to be just friend in in one of the *least* *i guess* popular social network on the net..we replied messages ...till dawn...then we transfered to YM... it was kinda ..more like a friendly gesture at first...
Somehow..the day i first knew him...i started thinking about him...don't really know why... well..

1. I am done with internet guys
2. i am done with men
3. I just wanna live single...better!

I was with my friends at that time... i waited for his text the whole day... but..nothing ..

It was 2 in the morning..i remembered because i thought about my past...i need someone to share with...i called him... we talked for hours ...until my credit dropped dead...rm0.00...haha...it was the night i will never ever forget because he texted me to wait...and so i waited..he went out and bought top-up..he called me that very morning...i smiled...smiled...and smiled...:)

one day...he asked me...if i wanted to be his girlfriend.. i just said yes ! why? :

1. for some reasons...i actually prayed to Allah if i should carry on being his friend...
2. I kept thinking about him * though i never knew how he looked like*
3. I felt i was being myself when i talked with him.. *though we never met yet*

And so, thats the reason i agreed to be his girl..

Okay...some of u might think...

friend 1 :" what? u accepted him?? he's from the net! how could u trust him"

friend 2 :"how can u fall for him...u don't even know how he looks!"

One day...i asked for his picture... he gave me conditions * more like options*...

1. He shall give me his picture...but..we will end up not seeing each other.
2. Wait till the day we actually meet..

i chose to meet him...but...mummy knew about this..and came up with her condition as well... it went like :

" you can meet him ina...but during his visit in kl to meet u..he must come and meet me as well...better yet...he must meet me first"

i told him...he agreed and yes...he met my mother..

he was a very gentleman.. also, he was the first guy i took home to meet my mum during our first meeting with one another.. since that day.. i knew he was not playing around with our relationship..

yes...you'll only remember nice things when ur in love... Well..though its still early for us to be thinking about 'our' future..i just hope i made the right choice..i just hope Allah give me reasons why i care about him...why i kept thinking about him...why i love him...love is a gift.. and i'm thankful..Alhamdulillah...

I know...many asked me...

person 1: "who is this guy? "

person 2 : " can i see his picture?"

person 3 : " when can we meet this guy?"

hehe..slow down...not just yet.. but one day ...that is..if Allah permits..InsyaAllah..

Also...i got an offer to further my studies at UniKL...yay...alhamdulillah...still...i'll be waiting for other offers as well*kalau dapat *...lalala

Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Okay.. It has been 2 days since the last time i could remember the comfort of.. SLEEPING! Yes.. I can't sleep.. In fact.. This is not something new that happen.. I t all started when i was 5.. That's the least i could remember... And the story begins...

It was 2 am... I woke up because i had to.. pee... It sounded cute right? Okay..before i even go any further..let me remind you.. DEAR READERS WHOM I CARE SO MUCH.. The visual graphic that you are about to look at.. *pictures* are not from my albums... I just grab it from the internet where i feel on how i looked like when i was at that age.. Okay.. Ina needs to go potty.. And I'm pretty sure i looked like..

Bang! Haaaa... You like that? Again... I may just look like him...*or her ,--* ...See that alarm clock.. That's how i remembered the time... Gracias mama y papa...hehe...

I stepped out from bed where my siblings were also sleeping with..Including dad? Yup...The whole family in one room... True story man.. I ran to the toilet like there were no tomorrow.. Hey.. I know you may felt like i did before.. It was gonna blow... Take a good look at the picture.. Imagine him *or her ,--* cant stand to pee.. (the face people)!.. It took me just two minutes to sigh of relief... Gross kid... Okay..Again ...#what happened ina?!#...Alright2.. Im getting there...As i came out from the toilet.. I heard something.. It was something all of us know... Yes... The legendary ...The one and only...

Yup...Of course not the real thing.. Remember ...'i heard '..The pacman background music...It seems that someone left the room... If one of my siblings read this... I am pretty sure they know who... It was... IBU...She may look like...

Yeap..but imagine her face...hehe..Sorry ma... She was shocked when i startled her.. I look at her.. And sat next to her... Ibu..The only person who will be so obsessed to a game she may have vowed to finish.. It was non stop.. After a few minutes passed.. I started to feel sleepy again.. Then I heard a dog... It was howling... and it sounded so creepy... My mum often told us.. If a dog howled , means it saw something supernatural... CREEPY... omg...i doubled a word in a paragraph.. thats lame..-_-.. It was since then.. i couldn't sleep or having a hard time sleeping at night... Until now..

I somehow felt that i am suffering INSOMNIA... But let it remain as part of me.. That was lame.. AGAIN WORD DOUBLES GEEK.. i think i better stop...



Thursday, 16 September 2010

Raya all... ^_^

haha...this year nya raya...kebaya...i disapprove of this...but ibu nak sume pakai kebaya...sbb me love me mummy..ikut aje.

Me in my blue kebaya...actually kainnya warna biru gak..but ibu nak kelainan...so pkai biru...surprisingly it fits perfectly
my siblings : ueen, kakak, me and amer

yes...our yearly family photo...is finally done...
this year classical theme...kebaya nyonya...

Sunday, 29 August 2010


Cinta. Apa itu cinta? Jika kita berbicara tentang cinta, pasti kita tidak terlepas daripada memperkatakan tentang cinta monyet yang menjadi nadi kepada kehidupan muda-mudi masa kini. Malahan kebanyakan cinta seperti ini menjurus kepada pelakunya untuk membuat perkara maksiat tanpa menilai dan memahami erti cinta yang sebenar-benarnya. Cinta bukan sekotor itu.

Apakah maksud atau makna cinta? Cinta sebenarnya merupakan satu fitrah yang ada di dalam hati setiap manusia. Cinta wujud hasil daripada satu perasaan yang halus. Cinta mewujudkan perasaan kasih sayang dan belas kasihan sesama manusia dan makhluk di dunia ini. Tanpa perasaan cinta, seseorang itu akan merasai kekosongan di dalam jiwa mereka.

Cinta yang hanya berpaksikan runtutan fitrah tanpa dicemari oleh hawa syahwat melambangkan kedamaian, keamanan dan ketenangan.

Bagaimanapun, cinta seringkali diperalatkan untuk melepaskan keghairahan nafsu. Maka akan terjadi bermacam perkara yang merosakkan manusia dan membawa kepada kemaksiatan dan kehancuran umat terutama bagi golongan remaja yang terlalu taksub dan asyik dengan cinta tanpa ada penilaian dan pertimbangan akal fikiran yang waras.

Cinta yang hanya berlogikkan nafsu dan syahwat semata-mata hanyalah cinta palsu yang penuh jijik dan hina. Oleh hal yang demikian itu, sebagai remaja, terutamanya remaja mukmin, kita sewajarnya peka terhadap kehadiran cinta di dalam jiwa dengan lebih memahami makna dan erti serta cara yang sesuai untuk menerima dan memberi cinta kepada seseorang. Jangan hanya membuta tuli dan mengikut tuntutan nafsu semata.

Cinta dan permasalahannya telah menjadi perkara serius yang dihadapi oleh umat Islam hari ini. Pertembungan antara cinta hakiki dengan cinta palsu menyebabkan umat Islam menghadapi dilema perasaan yang kronik. Krisis cinta palsu telah menyebabkan umat Islam memusnahkan etika spritual - membunuh solidariti dan menodai sosial sehingga ada yang sanggup membunuh dan membunuh diri akibat daripada tekanan perasaan yang sukar untuk dikawal.

Islam tidak memusuhi cinta. Ini sesuai dengan ciri-ciri Islam sebagai agama yang menepati fitrah manusia. Malah, Islam memandang tinggi persoalan cinta yang tentunya merupakan perasaan dan fitrah yang menjiwai naluri setiap manusia.

Bagaimanapun, cinta di dalam Islam perlulah melalui pelbagai peringkat keutamaannya yang tersendiri seperti:

1. Cinta kepada Allah

Islam meletakkan cinta yang tertinggi dalam kehidupan manusia, iaitu cinta kepada Allah. Tanpa cinta kepada Allah, perlakuan hamba tidak memberi pulangan yang bererti, sedangkan apa yang menjadi tunjang kepada Islam ialah mengenali dan dan mencintai Allah. Dengan cinta akan mendorong manusia untuk mengabdikan diri kepada Allah serta menerbitkan iman yang mantap.

Firman Allah s.w.t:
“... (Walaupun demikian), ada juga di antara manusia yang mengambil selain daripada Allah (untuk menjadi) sekutu-sekutu (Allah), mereka mencintainya, (memuja dan mentaatinya) sebagaimana mereka mencintai Allah; sedang orang-orang yang beriman itu lebih cinta (taat) kepada Allah...” (Surah Al-Baqarah : 165)

2. Cinta kepada Rasulullah s.a.w. dan Para Anbia´

Ketika manusia berada di dalam kegelapan, maka diutuskan pembawa obor yang begitu terang untuk disuluhkan kepada manusia ke arah jalan kebenaran. Pembawa obor tersebut ialah Rasulullah s.a.w.

Maka, menjadi satu kewajipan kepada setiap yang mengaku dirinya sebagai muslim memberikan cintanya kepada Rasulullah dan para anbia´ dengan mengikut segala sifat yang terpuji.

Kerana perasaan kecintaan inilah, para sahabat sanggup bergadai nyawa dan menjadikan tubuh masing-masing sebagai perisai demi mempertahankan Rasulullah s.a.w dalam usaha Baginda untuk menyebarkan agama Islam.

Dalam satu hadis yang diriwayatkan oleh Bukhari dan Muslim, ada disebut:

“Diriwayatkan daripada Anas r.a, katanya: Nabi s.a.w bersabda: Tiga perkara, jika terdapat di dalam diri seseorang maka dengan perkara itulah dia akan memperoleh kemanisan iman: Seseorang yang mencintai Allah dan Rasul-Nya lebih daripada selain kedua-duanya, mencintai seorang hanya kerana Allah, tidak suka kembali kepada kekafiran setelah Allah menyelamatkannya daripada kekafiran itu, sebagaimana dia juga tidak suka dicampakkan ke dalam neraka.” (Bukhari: no. 15, Muslim no. 60, Tirmizi: no. 2548, Nasaie: no. 4901)

3. Cinta Sesama Mukmin

Perasaan kasih sayang sesama manusia merupakan tunggak utama untuk menyalurkan konsep persaudaraan. Cinta inilah yang mengajar kita supaya mencintai ibu bapa dan keluarga. Selain daripada cinta kepada kedua-dua ibu bapa, Islam juga meletakkan cinta sesama mukmin sebagai syarat kepada sebuah perkumpulan atau jemaah yang layak bersama Rasulullah s.a.w.

Maksud firman Allah s.w.t:
“... Nabi Muhammad (s.a.w) ialah Rasul Allah; dan orang-orang yang bersama dengannya bersikap keras dan tegas terhadap orang-orang kafir yang (memusuhi Islam), dan sebaiknya bersikap kasih sayang serta belas kasihan kasihan sesama sendiri (umat Islam)...” (Surah Al-Fath: 29)

Inilah yang telah diajar oleh Islam. Maka masyarakat sejagat, malah umat Islam sendiri dapat melihat bahawa betapa agungnya unsur kasih sayang dan cinta yang terdapat di dalam Islam dan begitu jualah agungnya penjagaan Islam sendiri terhadap umatnya supaya tidak mencemarkan kesucian cinta dengan kekotoran nafsu.

Itulah cinta di dalam Islam. Ia haruslah diasaskan di atas dasar keimanan kepada Allah. Alangkah ruginya cinta yang lari dari landasan iman. Lalu akan hanyutlah jiwa-jiwa yang menyedekahkan dirinya untuk diperlakukan oleh ´syaitan cinta´ sewenangnya-wenangnya.

Sesungguhnya cinta sebelum perkahwinan merupakan cinta palsu walaupun dihiasi dengan rayuan manja kerana itu hanya panggilan ke lembah kebinasaan. Masa muda yang dianugerahkan oleh Allah hanyalah sekali berlaku dalam hidup dan tidak berulang lagi untuk kali kedua atau seterusnya.

Maka dalam meniti usia, remaja perlu berhati-hati dengan mainan perasaan walaupun merupakan perkara yang amat sukar dilakukan, apatah lagi semakin dihambat usikan perasaan, semakin ia datang mencengkam. Itulah azam kita untuk melawan nafsu dan alangkah malunya untuk kita tewas dan kita sendiri merelakan diri dibawa oleh arus yang menghancurkan.

Jangan jadikan diri kita sebagai hamba cinta yang hanya berlandaskan nafsu tanpa pertimbangan akal yang waras. Kita seharusnya mengawal perasaan cinta kerana jika terlalu obses terhadap seseorang, manusia biasanya akan hilang kawalan dan tidak dapat menerima hakikat kehilangan, lantas sanggup melakukan sesuatu yang buruk untuk melepaskan perasaan kecewa seperti pembunuhan kejam terhadap Allahyarham Norzi Ayu Md Nor baru-baru ini serta beberapa contoh yang lain.

adapted from

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Blog kawan aku

Sedang menyiapkan kerja yang terlalu banyak...salah kira, bangunan jatuh....ishh....aku manusia bos....huhu...nasib ada yang sudi membantu....alhamdulillah...

Penat nya sejak dua menjak...banyak sangat2 kerja.....aku sabar....huhu

Sedang aku update blog...aku teringat blog kawan aku....

dia kesedihan...ye aku tahu...aku rindukan dia...dlu kami slalu hang..ada prob..lepak kat tangga asrama...kami cerita segalanya...seronok bila igt balik...dia sahabat aku..aku sayang dia...kami sering menceritakan tentang pengalaman hidup...especially about love....

penah sekali aku teringat bila lepak dgn dia..ada kucing gaduh..takot woo....haahhahhaha....

sekarang sahabat aku pressure...aku faham....masalah xkan hilang...memang akan sentiasa dengar...fikir positif...tapi, org taw ke apa yg kita rasa?..ye sahabat....sabar ye...

hmmm....aku? entahlah...masalah bagi aku...macam makanan...makan2....cerna...kuar balik..hahaha...yak2...hahahha

yup...bagi aku....semua masalah pasti ada penyelesaian...PASTI ada...confirm...cuma, kita kena tahu macam mana nak cari jawapannya...macam menyelesaikan soalan add math..hehe....ikut step by step...yup2

21 tahun da aku...masuk kelab lepas da....hahaha....perkara yang dulu usah diikuti lagi....semua yang terjadi padaku satu kesilapan...tapi, pengajaran yang berharga buat aku..ye..aku bersyukur sebab aku dah lalui banyak situasi di usia aku yang bru 21...

Problem....it's just a word...that often comes to u...and easy to go away ...just face it..solve it like u mean it...

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Dia telepon

Sedih...perasaan yang aku rasa selepas aku menerima satu panggilan malam tadi... Memang aku sebak...

Entah...apa motif dia hadir kembali dalam hidup aku....menyusahkan aku? buat aku menangis LAGI??


Akhirnya semua terbongkar.... Aku serba salah... Im sorry sayang....

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Bersahur ..masak tapi tak masak?

Assalamualaikum...ermmm.....hmm....*jwblah bang...


okay...today....aku masak untuk sahur lagi seperti hari2 lain -_-

aku merenung kat dapur ku yang lampu sudah rosak aka tak beli bulb baru...again -_-

aku bukak lah lampu ikea yang khas untuk cupboard...aku sedar,,semakin hari semakin kecik mata aku sebab susah nak cari bahan dapur...MUNGKINKAH AKU AKAN BUTA...?? of course not.....(",)

okay....aku nampak nasi...hehe...apa lagi...nasi goreng lah kan....then...aku ternampak perencah megi nasi goreng paprik warong style....wah! bukan main....

aku amek n belek...hmmm...masa makin suntuk...nanti tak makan...tanpa lengah...aku usha cara2 penggunaan perencah tersebut...

bagi aku...perencah2 ni...men letk je la kan...akan tetapi...macam2 lak instruction nyaa....-_- again....

kacang panjang> takde stok
telur>takde stok
bawang>ada setengah aku jumpa dalam peti
ayam>takde stok(malam tadi berbuka ayam masak kicap)

wah...semua takde....ahh....(rengus aku) bedal lah ...

aku pun masaklah..ikut style sendiri...dalam masak2 siap ada style...aku teringat mamak kat sri kassim wat nasi goreng..terangkat2 kuali...aku teraiii la

akan tetapi again!...gagal...tangan ku terseliuh....kuali berat...berat sangat...'-_-

aku wat biasa je lah...

aku pun siap2 untuk bersahur...mak aku da amek port kat meja...wah..laju mama....

mama: hmm....nak kacip patimah

aku: ok ....(kacip patimah??)ermm...bila beli mama...

mama: nak buat tak?

aku tunduk kerana faham kata2 mak aku...hrmm...aku nak gak sebenarnya...tapi mama melarang sekeras2 nya bagi anak2 nya yang minum kopi...maap..anaknya yang minum kopi...-_-

baik mama...aku ke dapur....tekan air panas....asap je kuar...otak aku berkata

otak: air da habis..refil lah

aku: -_-

hrrmmm...aku bukak fridge...masa makin suntuk..aku jamah pun belum hanya kerana kacip patimah tu

ada air kotak ve good...anggur...yay!


mama: mana air panas?

aku: air tak masak lagi

mama: ada je alasan kau...ishh....kalau..$%^&*(dan sebagainya...time ni kakak aku slalu dipuji)

aku: -_-

kami makan....

nasi goreng yang aku masak warna merah..baru aku nmpak sebab kat dapur malap...


Monday, 16 August 2010

Blogging or vlogging

Hai sume salam noktah


okay..aku yang xde life ni dok online je tengok ramai plak yang suka vlogging

aku try la...pimpin out ma hair yang cam doh-_-..aku on webcam


aku sangat benci tgk diriku di webcam...then i thought....aku nak vlog pasal apa??


Tadi aku gi restoran kat KESAS coz ibu tak masak ...huhu...aku pakai baju yang teramat simple and ibu panggil aku....time ni kat umah lagi...aku toleh yang memang tak bergaya langsung, nmpak mak aku yang macam nak gi pavi...


adus.....sadis...aku pakai suar itam ueen( maap ueen,ina da xtaw n xde suar kat umah) and baju klabu yang aku beli masa aku form 4....utk riadah dlu....aku tunduk dan malu sbb aku jalan sebelah mak aku macam aku ni bibik je..perut aku makin buncit...and kalau ada sape yang mengucapkan tahniah kat aku aku akan tumbuk dia..

DAMN IT....aku nak jadi model...ini impian gelap aku...ye aku akui..'-_-

and so...aku bru balik from terawih...aku je REMAJA( OF COURSE)....yang lain semua tanya aku bila nak SPM??? Muda sangat ke aku ni..or aku sebenarnya nampak mcm budak pendek yang tua ...bengong....aku senyum je sambil genggan cawan putih plastik dengan kuat tapi kemas...

tiba2 ada budak tarik2 telekung aku dari belakang...aku toleh dengan penuh sopan...*kononnya* ...aku terus menjerit sbb dak tu pakai topeng hantu...CHAIT...

kat surau lak tu....aku tunduk malu dan beredar....maap...makcik...pakcik...malu nak dok lama2...habis chance aku nak tunjuk sopan kat budak2 IMU...bye.NOKTAH.NOKTAH

Thursday, 12 August 2010


Aku...da banyak kali bercinta...mmg banyak...haha...still aku xjumpa my prince charming...hafiz..satu2 nya bf aku yg aku kenal sbb dia kawan baik aku masa skolah...

yang lain sume aku kenal salah number la, chatting etc... sumenya penipu..entahlah..betul ckp sepupu aku...get a REAL boyfriend...yup...aku nak macam tu...watpe waste my time..thinking about him...yg smpai gf dia dok tanya aku mcm2..bodohnya aku...da banyak kali benda macam ni jadi...aku lak..sentiasa bagi alasan untuk diri aku...


penat aku...dia dok tanya macam2..siap baca email...ermm...entahlah...aku yang ganggu hubungan dorang...now aku dgn dia da break...aku malas...all men are the same...mgkin kecuali apis...apis baik..n dats y aku xsggup nak lukakan dia...bukan aku xnak bercinta dgn dia...dia kawan baik aku dari skolah...aku xnak kerana benda2 macam ni..menjejaskan hubungan aku dgn apis ..juga bersama2 kawan kawan aku yang lain..kalau ada jodoh antara aku dan apis..adalah...

aku dapat ym dari sang gadis yg dari dlu mengakui ada hbgn dgn 'dia'..aku marah pada dia,,dia kata dia dan gadis tu xde apa2..aku percaya...then bila gadis ni kata dia tgk email sume..siap tahu aku bg gmbr kat 'dia'...hmm...pandai2lah fikir...mcm ****..

k...aku bnyk kje..thnks sbb sudi bce...


Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Ramadhan bulan yang mulia...

Tahun 2010 merupakan tahun yang baru aku nantikan bulan ramadhan...ramadhan kali ini mgkin penat jika berbanding dengan yang lepas..keje makin bnyk..sabar je na..

Aku sekarang sayu je rasa..bulan yg plg dinntikn sebulan je..sekejap sgt..tgk..2010 pun da hmpir smpai ke pnghjungnya..entahlahh..cpt masa berlalu..

Sambil update blog..aku tggu my prince balik from kampung..smehow..aku makin rindukan dia..aku hrp dia slmt smpai..

Banyak yang trjd..bukan niat aku nak sakitkn mana2 pihak..yg aku boleh katakan..cinta itu bukan sesuatu yg kita boleh paksa..ia dtg tba2..aku minta maaf sbb telah melukakan bnyk pihak..tp,jgn nilai aku kerana itu, kerana ada sbb aku lakukn smua ni..

Aku? Senyum je..benda yg aku slalu wat n senang..smua suka kan..aku sgt brsbr dgn sume yg trjd...

Di bulan yg Mulia ini..marilah kita sama2 usaha utk mnjd yg lbh baik..


Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Blur.No life.



Ina bangun!


Ina ba..!

OKAY MUM!~~...huhu....

I woke up...off to work...hehe...

Suddenly, i received a call...

Wah...gi melaka la pulak....hahaha...memang best...sume sponsor...tapi, balik hari...lalala...ok...

Penat...keje..tetap keje...masuk gak duit kan nana...lol

Okay..to my personal readers...esp my kazen who has just updatted her blog claiming that everything is not right..haha...yer aku dah baca...chillss..:P

Aku nak blaja daaaa....huhu..xsabar rasanya nok...

To my hubby...bru trbgun..trus update blog...Luv ya..*wink2*

so retarrr

nways...have a fun day people...me? i am having a blast...


Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Aku rasa macam nak putus asa

Yes..mungkin bagi orang yang membaca blog aku kata..benda ni tak penting...fikir lah masa depan..fikirlah kerjaya..fikirlah tu ..fikirlah ni....ye..aku fikir semua tu...tapi, aku cuma sunyi sangat...aku sedih...

tadi aku tengok facebook dia...kenapa air mata aku mengalir...ye..mengalir...kerana dia pernah jadi sebahagian dalam hidup aku dulu...bila aku tengok dia bahagia dengan teman baru dia...aku menangis...aku sedih sangat...hubby...i know...u mesti baca blog i...i minta maaf...tapi entahlah...macam2 jadi menyebabkan i terpaksa fikir balik semua ni...dengan si fiza dok menggelabah dalam hidup i...i tak rasa i boleh teruskan semua ni...

Serious i sayang u...tapi u terlalu jauh...i cuba percaya u..tapi, keadaan sekeliling macam tak bagi i teruskan dengan semua...i minta maaf sangat...tolong lah i...

to my readers...entahlah...aku rasa memang terlalu sunyi...ditipu dan diperbodohkan...so please help..

you all may say that this is not important...thee are better things to look ahead...well...i tried...

aku penat...aku sedih...aku nak putus asa...

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Gaga u la la

Lady gaga...hurmm....i like her...i love her confidence...she does things she feels right...*though kinda freaky~~* Anyy..ways...i went out last night...last night me me think that...i dunno...

hhahahha...apa aku type ni..budus...entahlah...last night...last night...last night....ahhahhahha ...last night...LAST NIGHT....


Friday, 16 July 2010

Sorry...kinda busy buddies(^_^)v

Okay...currently..'my' babies semua tgh tidur(pic bkn btul k..hehe...nways baby ni sgt comel)...so quiet... hehe...mereka sgt comel...tapi kalau mereka bangun...huhu...turun gak 1 kg dlm 2 jam...dun main2..huhu...pnjat sana ..panjat sini...well...aku xsalahkan budak2 ni...they are just kids...yg ingin tahu....

they all look so cute...shh....k...gtg...xleh type bnyk2...dgr nnt...nk get ready solat...love u all yg sudi spend time dgn i....to my hubby...i know u tgh baca...just to let u know..i love u..muah..hehehe

Who can i trust...LESBIAN LOVER

Trust...can defined as believing or giving high hopes to a person, that he or she is not lying about something...

I don't know how to say this...but it felt like deja vu ....i tried to believe him...but...as i tried...things like 'this' happen

'this'= a random girl appears from nowhere claiming that i steal her boyfriend

'this' also refers to ' should i trust him or her?'


It's not like i desperately want to be in love...i just felt comfortable with him....we declared...im happy...he's happy ( lets just hope it's true*sigh*)...

Then out of the blues...a girl came *not tagging along* and rudely claim that im stealing her boyfriend..like...OMG...totally L.A.M.E...

Get a life! Well maybe she did wanted to her own life with my boyfriend...then, i came along and stole his heart*yay me*...so, it's not my fault right??

Yeah...*not trying to back up myself* i am totally innocent as i don't know whats really goin on...hahhaa....but...the truth hurts...why i say that? because..too late...I HAVE FALLEN FOR HIM...
*damn~*(two damns in one post...thats a catch...huhu~~)

So to whom may concern...i hope u get the point here okay...i love HIM...and will always do...but if HE lied...i will be a LESBIAN!

ahahha...kidding2...never in a thousand years ...( maybe in 1000 years...who knows...) again...stop blankly reading...i would never be that...totally GROSS!

Attraction...me? I dun feel attractive...well...i dun know why people find me that way...hahaha* so not proud of myself* *blink*..hehhe..i dont know...friends...family...they know me better..or u...hahaha...

so, leave out some comments on what u think about the crisis* scream people* im going through

CRISIS? not really...more like a minor occurrence...well 'trust' me...been through much worst...

k ya'll...toodles!

Monday, 12 July 2010

No one understands me

Kadang2 aku bengang dengan orang yg berada di sekeliling aku...nak nasihat..tapi sendiri buat...apsal kan??
Entahlah...aku da mcm2 benda aku lalui..malah aku dah lali...dunia internet ni semua tpu...hanya utk org yg xde keyakinan diri bila dalam menemui cinta...maya semata2....aku tahu..sbb aku da bnyk kali lalui....bukan setahun dua...tapi sejak aku tgktn satu..
Semuanya bermula bila aku didedahkan dengan dunia internet...aku start chatting..wah..sgt sronok sbb ada org yg leh syg aku sume( padahal xtahu smua tu mainan semata) aku mudah terpedaya sbb aku ni kurang kasih syg dlu...dgn xde keyakinan diri..sbb aku gemok...ye aku gemok...sape yg kenal aku dulu, taw la badan aku mcm mana dulu...biasalah, budak2...kecik2 da ada pakwe bagai...aku pun teringin*gatai n xsedar diri*
So the best way for me to attract guys, by using my money..pathetic gle kan....yup...by that aku leh wat pape...laki pon suka...tu masa aku form 1...bru dunia chatting...bil tepon umah menigkat sbb aku...n kawan yg aku kenal dlu, abg mirul..time tu dia f 5,,ak form 1...ps dia jmpe aku..tros xske aku sbb aku bkn sprti yg dgmbrkn..aku sdih..sbb dia ske kwn aku yg tmn ak time jmpe dia dlu..
Peristiwa tu xmenghentkan aku utk terus mencari cinta sejati * kononnya mcm dlm novel*....kecik2 da gatai...then masa aku form 2, arwah ayah bg aku fon..zaman dlu mana ada topup rm 5,10...sume 30 60........smggu leh hbis 30, xsmpai smggu...kerana...lelaki2 yg aku knl kat internet...stupid...yes i know...then2..mcm2 jadi....for me to know...smpai ada satu peristiwa yg mnybbkan aku lagi takut...tp, peristiwa xmnghentikan aku utk teruskan menggatal...OMG...i was so lame and pathetic!.....Smpai aku form 4...aku termimpi aku dalam gua berapi....pas mimpi tu, aku start pakai tudung...aku berubah...aku mula mengenali diriku sbgai org islam...tapi, aku masih belum jmpa cinta sejati....
Aku masih mencari di internet...kenapa? sbb aku tahu, melalui internet, xde sape kenal aku..xnmpk aku..ak nak serius aku takut..sbb da bnyk kali kena...tp, on and off the net..laki sma je...main2kan hati wanita...ckp this and that...then tgglkn...typical kan....
Thats y aku malas....ye aku sdg berkwn dgn someone...but, biar masa yg tntukan sejauh mana hubungan aku dgn dia...Allah perkenalkan aku dan dia...Allah akan tentukan jodoh kami ada ke x...aku redha...aku tahu, cinta manusia xkan mnjdi, andai cinta pada Allah xkukuh...and thats y, aku nak perkukuhkan lgi iman aku...Cinta bagai nak mati pon, tp, kalau lebih kan kepada duniawi...apa yg kita dapat??
Kalau ada psgn islam yg bhgia shgga akhir hayat tnpa beribadat...bg tahu aku...aku pon nak tgk gak...
aKU BERSYUKUR...dalam usia aku yg muda...Allah dah berikan aku mcm2 dugaan...aku bersyukur sbb aku da lalui semua tu...and thats y aku lebih berwaspada skrg...wanita 9 nafsu...lelaki cuma ada 1...and thts y kadang2//itu yg lelaki fikirkan...
aku xsalahkan lelaki 100%...sbb wanita juga mnjdi punca bnda yg xsppttnya brlaku..kan?
Jgn judge org terlalu cpt...kita sndri xsmpurna...tetapi, belajar dari pengalaman.....
iTU yg aku amalkan....anyways...da lama aku xtype pnjg2 mcm ni...hihi...
Aku cuma luahkan....aku bukannya naif...aku bukannya bodoh...because...peristiwa yg lepas mengajar aku untuk lebih berhati2...Aku adalah diri aku...aku yg lalui apa yg aku lalui...aku tahu apa yg berlaku...masalah? semua org ada masalah....kita just kena pndai cope je dgn problem yg kita ada....
Kadang2, aku menangis...bukannya aku xnak berubah...aku ni bukannya sihat..kadang2 metabolisma badan xmgizinkan aku utk wat bnda2 yg spttnya...sedih kan...tpi, itu xmenghalang aku...yg tahu..arwah ayah aku je...secret daddy..miss you...aku cuma xnak brkngsi...sbb aku nak org bg aku peluang utk berubah...ok...

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Cinta itu/love is

Love is a feeling that we experience in so many different ways toward various people. Love is the ultimate expression of our divinity. Passion to our lover. Love is an emotion that hold the power to heal and strengthen the physical and emotional body.

There have been times that I have expressed deep love and have been hurt. I have never regretted showing love, however, there is a certain level of expectation that it will be reciprocated by the beloved. I have also found love to be the foundation to allow relationships and people to blossom. Just spending time in nature brings me the feeling of overwhelming love and sacredness.

Once we allow our hearts to open and reveal the full expression of love it comes with great risk. We have hopes and expectations. We want it to be reciprocated and valued. When we choose to risk our hearts, we take a chance of being hurt or rejected. If we don't risk anything, what is the alternative? Remaining numb and safe.

Love has the power to heal, and, transform. Every expression of love carries in it the seeds of possibilities. When we nurture and honor love it has the ability to lift us up and give us hope, tenderness and affection. Without love we miss out on so much.

So why do we at times reject love? When an opportunity to give or receive love presents itself why do we shut down and hide? It seems that for many of us past experiences can hinder our ability to take a chance. Fear can envelop us to the point that it doesn't seem worth it to take the risk.

I know sometimes love comes with strings attached. It can be smothering, suffocating, controlling and needy. It can carry some all consuming fears if we have been hurt, betrayed, abandoned, rejected, or violated in the past. It can leave us rejecting the very idea of it's implications.

What about self love? Can we love ourselves unconditionally? Can we accept our own flaws and expect others to love us when we cannot love ourselves? What if we are not at our ideal weight? What if we have made mistakes? Can we forgive ourselves? Will others forgive us? What if we're not exactly where we want to be in our lives? Do we still deserve to give and receive love then?

What if we didn't receive the right kind of love from our parents or family? Can another person love us any better? Can we chance experiencing love when there holds the possibility that it may suddenly leave or be taken from us? If we haven't had healthy, safe, and secure love modeled for us we might not know what it should even look or be like.

Fear holds us back, when we are not living in the present moment as the full, unhindered expression of love. It can grow when it doesn't reference the past and how it once was. It can be experienced when it doesn't project into the future as to what it will be. Will love turn out exactly like we want it to? And if it doesn't, is it still worth feeling the love now?

if we can allow ourselves to love our partners,parents and friends. If we can deeply and completely love and accept ourselves. If we can fully open our hearts to the full expression of love in all its beauty and forms, how do you think our lives will transform?


Tuesday, 29 June 2010

When my world is falling apart..he came..

Sambil aku menulis entry ni..aku mendengar lagu when i look at you by miley cyrus...

Aku rindukan dia....aku sayang sangat dia...Benar kata orang..cinta itu buta...cinta ke?

Aku dah serik...Bila aku sungguh2 dalam relationship...aku ditinggalkan...

Si dia...aku mengenali dia sepertimana aku telah mengenali teman2 ku yang terdahulu...akan sama ke nasib aku? Entahlah...aku xserik lagi ke dengan apa yang selalu menimpa aku...

Si dia...jujurlah pada hatimu...adakah aku dihatimu....jangan la hatiku dipermainkan lagi...

Monday, 28 June 2010

Adakah benar kata kataku

Aku sayang dia...
Pada masa yang sama...
Aku takut perkara yang sama berulang...
Ye...Sayang...Apa yang aku katakan ..sama macam aku pernah katakan pada teman aku sebelum ini...
Tapi, hanya hatiku yang tahu..
u...apa2 yang terjadi...saya ada untuk menyokong awak...jangan risau ye awak...ramai sangat sayangkan awak...keluarga awak semua sayang awak...kawan2 awak..saya...

Dia happy

Aku tengok profile dia...dia happy..semoga dia bahagia disamping kekasih hatinya...

Aku tengok diri aku...aku juga happy...Perasaan yang lama hilang..kembali beriku semangat...love u ..

Sunday, 27 June 2010

F**k You

Somehow...im liking the song..hahaha...

such a happy life im having....

To my lovely husband.... Bila mau balik...anak da rindu da ni...

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Life must go on

sedang ku menaip ini...air mata aku mengalir...kenapa semua ini serin menimpa aku? Banyak sangat yan berlaku dalam hidup aku sepanjang 21 tahun aku bernafas di muka bumi ini...honestly, aku dafedup dengan lelaki...mereka slalu bg harapan ..kemudian tinggalkankita...kadang2 wanita selalu menangis kerana lelaki...aku..kerana dia...hidup aku merana...

apa2 pun, aku redha...terima kasih kepada semua sahabat2 aku..aku lagi kut untuk mengharungi semua ni...

tadi azfar kol...solat subuh la tu...aku borak2...dia support aku...naji..aku kl pg td...thnks sahabat..ko bnyk tlg aku...zana pon...thanks cyg...hhehe...

Aku akan cuba lakukan yang terbaik...

Tuesday, 15 June 2010


You know who u are...like...grow up pre-teen!

Kite kwn..yes kita kwn...but FYI ! FRIENDS DON'T DO THIS!


mood: sakit hati!

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Counting days...

Just less than a week till the results of the final exam comes out...me...? I'm totally nervous...I mean REALLY! Scared to death i might say...yup...sure..i did okay...but is it good enough to pass?? Dear..I'm so terrified...may everything goes well...InsyaAllah...

This morning...around 7.50...a.m of course...he called...owh...how i miss him...it has been exactly a month since we talked...as soon as i saw his number on the screen of my phone...i find it hard to believe..only god knows how my heart yearning for his presence beside me..i miss him so very much...i cried while talking with him...i saw him hugging a very big bear..he told me he wanted to give me the bear when we meet ..i just cried and cried..i was happy with him...so happy...because of previous occurrence..our relationship had to stop..he let me go...i agreed..and how hard was it for me to actually accept the fact that we are officially through...no..obviously, he's still in my mind..i love him...that's the word..but, does he still love me? i don't know...all i know..is that i love him...and still hope that we shall be together..

Sunday, 6 June 2010


Okeyp...they(the pict above) are my final project group members...Y? Bcoz i misz them...we spent so much time together...it was definitely a very challenging experience...love ya guys:(

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

I love arab!

الآن لقد بدأت تعلم اللغة العربية... إن شاء الله... هذا الأخير سوف يحسن مرة أخرى لعدم وجود أي... لقراء بلدي بلوق... إذا كانت هناك أخطاء.. الرجاء مساعدتي :)

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

My Life of Pain.....ouch!

I remember a time, a time in a dream or of a dream life, a time when to live in a world with no strife, a time of no worries, a time of no fights. I would wait him to arrive at my castle, in his automobile, one of three fifty horses, his chariot to be. One of fine velor comfort to sit , in this courtship that was, in this day in the past, of this traveling parlor, one of dark color, a dark horse one might say in this traveling play. We would travel the towns in this fairy tale ride, eating, drinking, and watching the shows of the days' entertainers, loving this life not being a complainer. Not thinking I would be the entertainment of the days future, not thinking the past would have mattered, in this, my life of the tattered.

I look back on this life, many good times I've had with many regrets, as this first love of mine, wishing oh wishing, we could go back in time. Not regretting the times that we spent together, for I look back on them and this makes my heart glad, but still in this life I am left very sad. I wish I had them to do all over again, the times that I've had, the fun I have had, with all of my loves. I wish back then you could have been my husband, what fun we could have had, and what a great life, could have been for us, just you and me, in this land of the free. For then came the day of the breakup. The most tragic and terrible breakup of my life, my first, as what could have been for you and in my heart I know that that's true. For this my heart aches, a terrible pain, one that can only be, is only, my shame.

So now we all share, so more you will make, until the end, your ruling fate. And would this have made me happy, to bring back my family I have longed to see? You know that that would, that is why you could not, because this is with you that you think I have fought. And well I have, for abuse you seek, and where in the hell are all my front teeth? And fight you I will till my dying day, for your values I hate... as my owners to be.

For my true happiness, nor my money to be, could ever bestow the hurt, you have put on me. And all of this time I say it be them that I hate, I can only wonder why their hate for me, has been so great? I Know I have all of this blame for him, for me, for this family tree, for this family name. But I ask again, What have I done to them, What have I done wrong? What have I ever gotten but pain, suffering and torment, heartache and misery, enough to drive me insane....

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Kenapa putri sedih?

Kak long..thanks sbb concern...sorry...xdpt nak jelaskan pd post yg lepas knp putri sedih...semua ttg cinta...bila fikir...kita lg bnyk menangis kerana cinta kan..bukan kerana Allah swt...ye..putri sedar ttg semua tu...tp, apa yg putri lalui cukup perit...

selama putri bercinta...xpernah kekal...sehingga la kini...bila terjalinnya satu PERJANJIAN..putri da fikir..he might be the one..he will be my husband whom will take care of me and my kids..well...hopes are left unsaid...better off that way actually...and so..i had to let him go...the reason ?? it's for me to know..and u to find out...im so tired of everything...

One thing for sure..my one and only true love shall and forever remain in my heart...my never ending love for Allah swt...yes...He tests me with all sorts of misshapen in life...still im so thankful to the Almighty God..at a very young age (21) I've been through a lot...AND I MEAN A LOT...I've learned so many things from all the 'occasions' i might say..it caught me to say..that my life was never dull...but is full of adventure...i am the main character..creating my own story with a help from FATE...interesting..Alhamdulillah...

To all the readers..thanks...though we never met, or seldom...still, u guys spend ur time reading my story..I'm not saying it's great and all...but..trust me...all the things mentioned in this blog..all the guy's i've known...all the things that happened to..are all true...thanks again guys...think of it..that my blog...is part of YOUR steps of precautions in life k...love ya..