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Saturday, 18 December 2010

The all new Safi Balqis Perfect 10

Before i start to typebabble , i would like to apologize ..some of the pictures taken are with the courtesy of Google Image search, also Manggaonline :) Thanks :)

Her beauty has bloomed with the fragrant scent of Princess Balqis. True beauty and holy dream of every Muslim woman in accordance with the teachings of Islam. Inspired by Princess Balqis from the reign of Nabi Sulaiman, Safi Balqis, one of the halal beauty products in the world is now emerging with new products of SAFI BALQIS - Perfect 10. (adapted from the short gimmick at the event )

Howdy readers.. Today..I will show you.. the difference i felt after using The all new Safi Balqis Perfect 10..

This was taken 2 years ago... Now take a look at this picture..

That was taken 2weeks ago...

See the difference? Yeah.. I am definitely chubbier than before.. And darker...hmm... Well.. Most probably because i have been spending too much time pampering my face with various products -_-*sigh* .. Seriously.. BAD IDEA ! Currently, i've been using the new Safi Balqis Perfect 10.. yup, definitely a must for me.. and i promised myself to stick to one product.. my safii...hihihi... Look at me now :)

The picture above was after a week( one week and 4 days ) after the event was held ...Alhamdulillah...Since i started to use Safi .. I feel more confident and more alive...Though..i did not looked like the first picture shown.. its getting better..whats best is..the results was fast.. The first picture, yep..i agreed..i looked fairer..but my skin was very dry.. dead dry..SUPER DRY..you get the point -_-...The 2nd pic..i looked darker..see those eyebags and uneven skin tone? OMG right!

I asked my prince, he definitely agreed that im chubbier.. but he couldnt stop saying , complimenting on how beautiful i look lately.. though i dont feel that way.. i appreciate his compliments.. Thanks hubby :)

Okay..Okay..MAIN TOPIC ... Now... It's my pleasure to share with you guys on this new product I've been bragging about...hehehe...

In understanding the needs of women today, Safi formulation appears to Perfect 10 to 10 benefit to the skin smoother and brighter complexion within two weeks. There is no longer dull and uneven skin. Safi Balqis Perfect 10 is the fourth generation of the Safi Balqis product.

According to Product Group Manager UNZA (M) Sdn Bhd, Mahsuri Sulaiman, these new products researched and developed according to today's women demand. Consistent with the formulation of Nano technology Biowhite, Safi is pleased to introduce the new ambassador who will inspire every girls with big dreams out there. Guess who is the new ambassador???

Yay..You're right! Its the ever lovely Shila Amzah..
The picture shown was a gift bag i got during the launching of Safi Balqis's new product which was held at The Crowne Plaza Hotel .. It was a private event.. And by private, we were actually lost in finding the hall.. The funny thing was..we stood infront of a visual schedule of the hotel.. Luckily, one of the staff saw us clueless on where to go..lalalala...

Here are the benefits of using Safi Balqis Perfect 10..with a price range from RM 6.50 TO RM 25.90.. Its affordable and definitely will give you proof in just 2 weeks top .. Believe me.. I am using it too..as shown..hehehe.. Okay , the benefits are :

1. Fade pigmentation
2. Equalizes skin tone
3. Protects from UV rays
4. Skin Lightening
5. Protects against free radicals
6. Improve skin elasticity
7. Hydrating skin
8. Retains moisture
9. Smooths your skin
10. Softens your skin

So, what are you waiting for.. Pamper yourself with SAFI BALQIS PERFECT 10..YOU'LL SEE THE RESULTS IN JUST 2 WEEKS or JUST A WEEK LIKE I DID! :)



Anonymous said...


Salina Hj Ismail said...

seriously... like seriously??

Anonymous said...

how to use the 'SERUM SAFI BALQIS PERFECT 10'?

Salina Hj Ismail said...

Squeeze a small amount of serum on the tip of ur finger and place it on ur forehead, both ur chicks anD on ur nose..just a small amount...Rub the serum softly on ur face...preferably ur whole face..massage gently ...before using the serum...make sure u use the toner after washing your face.. The serum will help to even your skin..

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

hey Im just asking is it ok, bcause Im using the serum from balqis perfect 10 and the daily moisturizer too. But, I dont use the face wash. --

Salina Hj Ismail said...

its okay..but u'll see faster result when u use the whole set.. :)

Norsazlina said...

Hye kak lina!!
Sy terbaca blog akak nih.act i'm really concern about my face.mcm biase lah.sy ni suka sgt tuka2 produk bila satu produk x berkesan.x tau nk wat cmner dah.then,google lah pasal safi nih.dlu ade guna safi.but after few years or month gituh,sy beralih arah guna produk lain.jerawat naikwooo.huhuhu.sedih.sekrg ni pon dah masok u.jerawat sgttt suka naik.sy tgk entry akak cter paasl SB perfct 10 nih.mcm best plak.Kalau pd pendpt akak lah.sy bru nak cube produk ni.So, i shud buy the whole set ke cmner? Die ade trial set x eh?

Salina Hj Ismail said...

Ye dik..akak sarankan bli 4 produk yg akak tnjukkan kat atas..menurut pic.. dulu nya safi balqis..ramai kata okay..tapi muka kering..thats why safi balqis keluarkan produk yg terbaru perfect 10 ni.. trial set xde..but the whole set ada..its in one box.. insyaAllah.. dalam 2-3 mggu...u'll see great result.. memang kena ikut timing nya bila pakai,,yg psti..akak yakin..adik nmpk n rasa kulit lbih cntik n lembap dlm beberapa hari selepas guna:)

Aja aja Fighting said...

salam,btw sy gne krim kontur mata tapi lepas gne krim ni mata saya jadi bengkak lg merah...
saya da lama gne krim kecntikan safi,bersma pencuci mke safi,dan penyegar safi...
tapi knp mata saya jd mcm tu??pleze help...

Aja aja Fighting said...

salam,akak kenapa mata saya jadi bengkak selepas guna krim kontur mata 2hari???