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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Results! Let it be a good one this time...

Hmmm... i just checked my uitm application... still...nothing, my utm, in progress as well as my ukm application...i got an offer to further at unikl...but, in industrial design... I just hope everything will go well.. i am definitely not ready to work just yet... huhu :(

I always wanted to go to a university.. and further there..i never had the chance to be a 'university' student when i took my diploma..still...i am proud to have my very own diploma.. learning is fun..a certain someone once told me :

" Learning is a journey, it's not the place that shows your knowledge, it's your own self,your own desire and needs that expresses how educated you are"

Thats true alright ! :)

I just hope now i will be given a chance to further my degree.. I will do my best to make my family proud :D

Anyways.. to all the readers out there.. never feel its too late to study again.. Go ahead..pursue your dream..life is too short to be dreaming.. so..take a chance.. while you can.. To those who are comfortable the way you are now.. its okay.. happy is what makes a person to go on.. so live life to the very fullest..

To all my friends who applied.. all the best.. Remember Allah is always by your side.. God is always by your side.. Trust me.. Nothing will go perfectly well if you neglect your obligation towards God.. I am not perfect.. but life is all about being thankful.. so be thankful to everything you have now.. you'll get better in the future :)

I guess..thats it for now.. I'll be updating soon.. Take care everyone :)

To that someone.. I MISS YOU :)