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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

You think you're cute??!!

Okay..i was just browsing some of my friends on facebook. Then i encountered someone i don't quite remember approving..even if i do...i don't know why...!! Dangggg....

She was the one who turned my life like hell.. And the worst part she was in my friend"s list * i already deleted her*

Sorry not so wise a** i just hate you...i should not feel that way towards people...but you made an impression *bad one* i will never ever forget! With your profile picture showing all your skin.. I pity to who you are currently dating.. The whole world sees your body... Arghh... i just don't like it at all...

I am not perfect and i made mistakes as well.. i remembered that one time you called me b***h and w***e just because i started to wear hijab.. hey ! people change and so do you ! I thought you were my best friend before.. well its too obvious that you are definitely not worth to be called as a human being! Change la weyh!

Okay..to all readers...please.. be aware.. even your closest of friends and the ones you trust could betray u..it happened to me.. and im glad.. i was given a chance to be a new person... TO HER.. PLEASE .. YOU ARE NOT GIVING UP KAN.. IT HAS BEEN 4 YEARS AND YOU STILL TALK ABOUT ME ON YOUR PROFILE.. NO WONDER YOU HAVE NO FRIENDS.. PSYCHO... PLEASE REMEMBER ALSO THAT YOU HAVE NO MUM AND DAD TO LOOK AFTER YOU.. SO LOOK AFTER YOURSELF...

MOOD : :(


Anonymous said...

weh babi! kau ingat kau hebat sangat mengutuk aku.ye aku baca blog kau.aku benci kau..aku tak puas hati apsal kau kena rampas laki aku. sial pnya pompuan ni. apa apa pon jangan cakap aku je. kau yang betol2 kena taubat bodoh. dah lah perampas, tak bersalah macam dumbass habis. kesian jadi kau. hidup dalam hipokrit. laki kau skrg da keberapa kau tido?pelacur2! kau kesian laki aku, kesian laki kau dulu. kau barai! entah berapa banyak sperma dalam badan kau. sial sial sial sial sial. tak pe. pasni kau tak jumpa aku lagi or tahu tentang aku. yang aku tahu, aku takkan berubah. dan kau sape nak aku berubah. sendiri ingat la pelacur.

cHaK™ said...

HEY PUT! haha lama xnpk ko update blog ;)

btw lagu best n uh..i really think u shud change ur blog link..

btw, u look good~ bila nak datang melepakk??