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Sunday, 12 December 2010


Okay..i just updated my blog...no...not with post *though this is a new post? -_-* ...So dayuummm tired... Its okay i guess... well..it may not look as cool as other blogger page.. I'm proud of my accomplishment *dab on the shoulders* SERIOUSLY?? okay..currently i look like hell now.. Before the darkness under my eyes go further.. i better stop.. Thanks for stopping by.. Also, checkout my cousin's review on the private event we attended a few days back.. I tried to make the review.. many occurrence happened made me stop.. Hahaha..

Anyways ..her link is the left bar.. look for nurfs..


Anonymous said...

putt!!! rindu kau.. kalau kau kenal aku kau add aku...hahaha...aku tak akan bg blog url kat kau...dada...keep beloging

Salina Hj Ismail said...

hah?? misteri2 lak...mesti ain ni..ayat skema je...wah..ada blog skrg! haha...bg ah url:(