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Monday, 13 December 2010

If 'Ocean Potion' was around when i was 10..

While i was busy figuring out on how to be model * hoping is not a a sin!*... i looked at some of my pictures on my desktop.. and BANG!

yUPP...yupp...school picture...it seems that you could guess which one i was...OBVIOUS RIGHT! ..Okay..the main reason why i 'susah2' crop this picture is to show you guys how dark i was! Damn! Now..this is the real BLACK SHEEP alright... During my younger years (cute? think twice -_-) my family loves going on vacation...Yes..you guessed it again... ISLAND VACATION! Tioman, Pangkor, Langkawi... You name it...

The weather... was never not hot..*get it?* Since age is not a number like many said..i dont care about anything back then...Soothing and laying underneath the sun without a care in the world.. Then when i got back at the hotel.. I have my own skin clothes! * its not cool...soo not cool -_-*

If i could just turn back time and tell my mum to put me on with some Ocean Potion® Kids Sunblock SPF 50 that specially formulated with Parsol 1789 for broad spectrum UVA I, II and UVB protection.

This gentle, non-irritating sunblock is designed exclusively for children's tender and sensitive skin. Its clean dry formula glides on easily, absorbes quickly into the skin and does not run into or burn the eyes.

Solaplex enhances the stability of Parsol® 1789 (Avobenzone) which makes Ocean Potion Sunscreens more reliable and longer lasting.

My mum would know bout it and i don't end up looking like in the picture with free natural swimming suit on -_-...

Now.. My instinct with mother nature..is highly strong..i spend most of my time at the beach and outdoors..I mean a lot... Would be a wonder if i could put some Ocean Potion Cool Dry Touch 30 Sunblock which is designed for the sport enthusiast's active lifestyle, Sport Potion SPF 30 bonds to your skin on contact, absorbs quickly and replenishes the skin with Vitamins A, C, & E.

This unique formula is very water and sweat resistant, oil free, paba free, dry, non-greasy, and fragrance free.

Solaplex(TM), enhances the stability of Parsol® 1789 (Avobenzone) which makes Ocean Potion® sunscreens more reliable and longer lasting.

How i wish i could grab some of these lovely potion so that my skin will remain as smooth as thai silk..maintain as fair as i am not really am now...but will...if i get my hands on them! yay


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bruno mars.. i used o.p...