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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Increase your blog traffic in an instant and fast baby!

Salam...i was just browsing to my friend's blog...and i found something interesting that you may like...it is an article on how to increase your taffic at your blog.

Just follow these simple steps:

1. Write /post an article like this one, or copy-paste this article. Then give an interesting topic.

2. Simply put the URL Link below for the article that you write in a blog / web.

1. My Big Family & Friends


3. matdin

4. MSR @Blogger

5. tengku nizam

6. mizz shizu

7. Myself V3 Me &

8. Blog Hanz

9. BeMie's WoRLd

10. Farah Shafiqah

11 . Qila Razak

12. CekLa

13. Miss Yaty

14. Magrib menjelma

15. Put2!!


1. Before you put the web-site at the URL in the Link community to post web / blog, please delete the link number 1.

2. Later move the no.2 link to the no.1 link which you have already deleted it before.

3.After that put your link in the sequence below (No.15 ).*** So the sequence will look like this


2. matdin

3. MSR @Blogger

4. tengku nizam

5. mizz shizu

6. Myself V3 Me &

7. Blog Hanz

8. BeMie's WoRLd

9. Farah Shafiqah

10 . Qila Razak

11. CekLa

12. Miss Yaty

13. Magrib Menjelma

14. Put2!!

15. Your blog URL

4. Remember! Do not Change the link order list. If every blogger to follow the formula, it will generate backlinks as follows:

When you position the No.15, the number of backlink = 1
No.14 position, number of backlinks = 5
no.13 position, Number backlink = 25
No.12 position, number of backlinks = 125
no.11 position, Number backlink = 625
No. 10 position, The backlink = 3.125
no.9 position, total backlink = 15.625
No.8 position, number of backlinks = 78.125
No. 7 position, Number backlink = 390.625
No. 6 position, number of backlinks = 1,953,125
No.5 position, number of backlinks = 9,765,625
No.4 position, number of backlinks = 48,828,125
No.3 position, number of backlinks = 244,140,625
No.2 position, number of backlinks = 1,220,703,125
No.1 position, total backlink = 6,103,515,625

We are equally successful by attempting this .... Good luck !!!*** Remember ... do not cheat ... helping fellow bloggers to get a lot of trafic ... Do not Forget to promote the link of this post as well.. especially to your fellow bloggers friend ..

Source from
: http://magribmenjelma.blogspot.com/2010/12/cara-cepat-nak-naik-kan-traffic-anda.html#ixzz1AjBLCDYl

The beauty in me?

Salam... What's the beauty that I meant? I actually have no idea.. All I see is one hungry girl waiting for her order...eat your heart out for cholesterol ! I know I will eventually die at a very young age if this continues...so, I would like to say my goodbye to...

What...wait! I'm not dying *yet*.. Hehe...actually this is my first time posting using email...kinda F.U.N baby!
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love is about everything

Salam and good morning peeps!

Its like 7:33 am and im still wide awake.. today i'll be going out...Where you might ask? Anywhere.. Anywhere that i can find peace at heart..

No, im not having problems..no.. i just want to express my love and gratefulness that im still alive to be looking at what Allah has created for us.. Such a wonderful and beautiful world indeed... If i am a billionaire, i would love to visit the 1000 beautiful places in the world before i die.. Yes..i would love to cherish my moment with mother nature..with Allah gift for us...

Sometimes we dont appreciate what we have now... we often complained about so many things...some are just not worth complained...other people have bigger problems..they dont complain..but they are grateful that Allah still give them Iman..faith in their heart to be patient in any obstacles to come...

I was just browsing the internet and i accidently bumped into a very interesting blog.. its about my religion...our religion(islam).. the beauty of Islam can be felt when we cherish the wonderous and magic of islam..first of all..our knowledge towards Islam..

How well do we know our religion? Are we true Muslim or just by name..think about it...

We are definitely not getting any younger.. never think that you should repent when u r old..or after marriage.. why not start now.. just as a first step towards a more secure place at the Hereafter...

Allah swt gave us a beautiful feeling...which is love... He gave it to us... But why are there so many people prefer to give what they have to others rather than thicken the love they receive back to The Almighty Allah..

I once read.. That you will know the meaning of love if u love ALLAH first.. He who decides our future..

I guess this is just for now.. What a lovely day to start...have a great day too guys.


Loving Allah...


I have been thinking about so many things.. somehow...my mind kept reminding me about this..about loving Allah...

The definition of belief in the Qur'an is complete devotion to Allah and Allah alone. The Hereafter is absolutely inescapable. The believer is devoted to Allah because he knows he will certainly give an account of everything he did in the world. Everything a person owns in the world such as health, intelligence, beauty, wealth, career, good standards of living, spouse, children, and other blessings such as food and clothing are all from Allah and is defined by Allah down to the finest detail. There is no provider other than Allah. The true believer knows this undeniable fact and so loves and glorifies Allah ceaselessly. Surely the one who has given everything is deserving of the greatest love and respect. He never dares to attribute the source of these blessings to any worldly being, to himself, or anyone else, nor does he love any being as he loves Allah.“Allah is most compassionate and most merciful to mankind” (Qur’an 22:65)When people forget Allah and pay no heed to the true religion, they begin to love and chase after objects in life thinking they exist independent of Allah, deceived into thinking that these objects have an existence outside of Allah, who is the One who actually originates them. In Quranic terms, being devoted to objects independent of Allah is associating partners with Allah.

"...Then, when We grant him a blessing from Us he says, 'I have only been given this because of my knowledge.' In fact it is a trial but most of them do not know it." (Qur'an 39:49)
For a believer, the good things in life given to him by Allah, is merely ways to get nearer to Allah. He does this by praising Allah for each and every blessing no matter how disguised it may be. For example, the believer is grateful to Allah for his healthy heart and eyes, this leads him to work more righteously in life as Allah requires him to do so. If he 'loves' anything or any being in life, he does so only so he can increase in his love for Allah and to render thanks to Him. Indeed, that is the purpose of all the blessings Allah has provided people. For example, the believer may love his spouse, this makes him thank and love Allah even more and in no way does he consider this love to have originated from any other than Allah. It is all from Allah. In this way, everything on earth is given to us so we can be more devoted to Allah, and follow His commands as described in the Qur'an. If the believer looses anyone or anything of attachment in the world, he really has not lost anything so long as he has love for Allah and continues to be devoted to Him. When love for objects or human figures, living or of the past, take an independent standing outside the realm of Allah, a person's purpose of living is faulty and he is only following his own vain desires and not Allah. For instance, a person acquires material wealth without duly thanking Allah or a person who ‘idolises’ an individual due to love for that person outside and beyond the love of Allah, for instance, celebrities, football players, family, scientists, and religious figures.

“Have you considered the one who has taken his own desire as his god? Allah has, knowing him as such, allowed to be strayed? Sealing his ears and heart and covering his eyes – who can guide such a person after Allah has done this? Will you not take heed?” (Qur’an 45:23)
The believer’s only motive on earth is to earn the good pleasure of Allah and only Allah’s approval, no one else’s.Having now seen the kind of superior understanding of faith and way of life of a true believer, it becomes easier to see that disbelievers are always committing great wrong when they consume Allah's blessings without making it a way to increase in love of Allah and draw nearer to Allah. Indeed, they are arrogant about accepting Allah as the originator of the blessings and deny Him altogether. They begin to venerate human beings and themselves for every blessing they are given and chase after objects thinking they are outside of Allah's originating power. Allah explains this in the Qur'an:
"Yet, there are those who chose to worship others beside Allah as rivals to Him, loving them as they should love Allah, but the believers have greater love for Allah" (Qur'an 2:165)
Knowing that Allah is the source of every single blessing on earth, the true believer derives the greatest pleasure from the worldly blessings Allah has provided for him, while also earning Allah's Paradise in the Hereafter.The hidden idolatry committed by most people is because their hearts do not reflect on the Qur'an which calls them to true faith by providing necessary lessons and admonitions. They therefore have given themselves no possibility of bringing themselves to true faith. Only the Qur'an explains to people the true sense of faith.

Unfortunately, this form of hidden idolatry we are discussing is not just restricted to disbelievers. Even many so-called Muslims, who think they are practicing religion, also fall into this hidden idolatry. For example, some Muslims profess their love for Prophet Muhammad readily and are full of praises and glory for the Prophet. Amazingly, the same does not hold true for Allah. Upon a closer analysis, we find that their case is no different from all the other ignorant people who fail to accept true faith in Allah and fail to love and glorify Allah independent of anything else.

"When you mention your Lord alone using the Qur'an, they turn their backs and run away." (Qur'an 17:46)
Islam is purely and simply a complete surrendering of ones soul to the Almighty Creator and His purpose in Creation. This is actually a comprehension more than anything else. Only the Qur'an provides accurate information on how to attain true faith and comprehension, which is free of corruption, the kind required by Allah in order to be successful in the Hereafter. All Muslims must make sincere attempts to understand what true faith is by taking serious responsibility to study faith directly from the Qur'an, before it is too late. Until a person does this, there can be no chance of true faith.