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Friday, 23 September 2011

At last I have made my decision

Assalamualaikum.. Hai ^_^

Today is ...FRIDAY! 5 days to go before i pursue my Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Civil at UniSel.. Yup.. I will again go on with my civil studies.. At first I thought of going to a local university.. Then again, i am actually scared in handling pressure with the best among the best. Not saying that UniSel is not one of the best, but i feel that studying there will be much fun and not too strict. Hopefully.

I am actually excited to pursue my degree. After a year being close at home, its time again for me to be independent. Aku harap kesinambungan aku bergelar pelajar kali ini lebih serius. Dulu masa kat poli aku banyak habiskan masa join aktiviti sana sini sehingga mengabaikan pelajaran aku. Aku kesal.

Hope kehidupan baru aku bermula bila aku memulakan langkah sebagai pelajar ijazah sarjana muda kelak. Semoga Allah swt temukan aku dengan kawan2 yang boleh bimbing aku untuk jadi lebih baik. Aku juga amat mengharapkan agar relationship aku dengan future someone aku menjadi kenyataan.

Sejak dua menjak ni, especially bila aku buat keputusan untuk sambung di UNISEL, dia tak habis2 menimbulkan soal kahwin. Katanya takut aku berubah hati. InsyaAllah tidak.. niat aku baik untuk belajar bukan untuk menjadi teman hidup sebab aku dah ada dia. ^_^. Cincin semua da ada.. 30 % aku menjadi milik dia sudah. Hope segala yang dirancang menjadi. 

Dugaan seorang pelajar memang hebat. Aku ,masih teringat masa diploma dulu.. banyak nya gangguan especially dari segi hati dan perasaan. Yang lama bercinta pun boleh putus. Yang da bertunang pun boleh putus. End up kawin dengan orang lain. Aish... politeknik sultan idris shah.. terlalu banyak kenangan... mostly kenangan yang buat aku sedih sangat... yang buat aku ras happy bila aku dengan JPK je.. hehe.. Tapi takpe..kini aku ada life yang baru.. Syukuri apa yang ada.. hidup ini tidak sempurna. 

Fuh masa sem 5.. sangat semanagat aku.. kalau kai tengok mesti kne ejek..lala

Kawan aku masa kat poli yang kini bergelar pelajar ijazah dalam bidang yang sama macam aku kongsi cerita dengan aku.. dia kata pressure bila degree ni.. aku mula risau.. tapi, dia juga yakinkan aku yang aku kena ada niat yang betul bila bab2 belajar.. insyaAllah semuanya akan ok.. thanks ida :) aku harap kau berjaya mencapai cita-cita kau. Kita jangan dengki satu sama lain...yang penting usaha kan ida:)

Aku hampir siap barang-barang aku untuk sambung belajar nanti.. almaklumlah duduk rumah sewa.. kne complete. 

Lusa insyaAllah aku dan dia akan gerak ke kedah untuk amek ueen. Ueen da habis asasi dia.. hebat budak ni.. muda2 da smbung degree .. aku pulak baru nak sambung..aku bangga ada adik macam dia.. adik2 aku dua2 sambung degree... kakak aku tahun depan akan bergelar isteri orang .. macam tak percaya je.. dulu masa sekolah ganas2 je.. tgk2 da nak kahwin dengan long time boyfriend and currently fiancĂ© Abg wan..hehe.. aku pulak?

Aku tak mahu cakap apa apa lagi.. Biar masa yang menentukan,, ^__^

Okay aku rasa thats all for now. will update soon!

credit to oh!best


Thursday, 15 September 2011

Happy birthday yang ke -49 Mummy!

Assalamualaikum & Hai :)

Hari ini hari jadi ibu! Yay! I made a luscious red velvet cake with buttercream topping.. Alhamdulillah in turned out good... I stayed up all night perfecting the cake.. I made two batch.. The first batch was a lemon sponge cake.. It tasted like bake flour..The worst you could put in your mouth.. I almost gave up.. I stopped for a while to ease my mind due to the failure and surfed the internet.. Suddenly it hit me!  How about a good simple recipe of a Red Velvet cake? Bingo!

So i rushed back to the kitchen.. About an hour later, my cake was done.. And it was delicious! Alhamdulillah.. I had decided to make a butter-cream frosting as that frosting is the originality of the cake, its from what i've heard. Alhamdulillah it's too a good frosting .. I have a bad habit of picking up the lefovers in the mixing bowl.. GUILTY! ^__^..

I wished i took some pictures during the whole process.. Unfortunately I can't because I was the only one in the kitchen.. I didn't want to disturb my mum.. It is here birthday today.. My eldest c's is currently having fun with her old schoolmates at Singapore.. UNIVERSAL STUDIOS! Damn..

Still, i had joyous fun making my self dirty * that sounded so wrong* ---__---

Happy Birthday Mummy Chulla! -49-

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Counting months, later days.. then to minutes and seconds

Assalamualaikum... Hai...

EXCITED... at the same time a bit scared..

Hope everything goes well :)

Is this really happening?

Assalamualaikum.. Hai ^_^

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to actually be in a real relationship? I had.. I am currently at a point where everything seems to be serious..

Of course I am happy... But my past keeps haunting me.. I love him more than words can say.. I hope this will be my certainty in life.

Today he came to my house with her cute sister.. She is quite a shy person.. but as i get to know her, she is adorable and cute.. seriously cute :)

I am happy that he came.. it has been a month since the last time we met. They came, we had lunch together at my house.. We talked and talked.. My mum and her new husband joined our conversation. It was fun.. I cooked black pepper chicken.. thats all i can manage to cook due to my sprained ankle. Alhamdulillah everything goes very well.

He helped uncle finish piping works in the toilet.. My mum even let him drive our car.. hehe... i love him.. finally someone who can connect with my mum and family.. i am trully blessed.

He is the most charming person i know. He is sweet and funny... most importantly, he loves me too.

Yes i am taken. Yes i am happy ^__^

Saturday, 10 September 2011

No more blackberry

Assalamualaikum.. hai

i am officially through with using blackberry now.. its a great phone.. if theres internet package! without the internet its basically a phone that can text and call and play games a few. Thats it.. So now.. im sticking with my old new phone .. Sony Ericsson! model :

Yup k770i.. Yeah.. from a phone that costs almost 2k.. to a phone costs less than 500 bucks! haha.. thats just me.. dont worry.. the blackberry is still with me ..in good condition .. but theres a problem with the keypad.. and again yes.. the reason i am currently using k770i..  *stupid blackberry keypads -__-' *

So.. i know i have on and off the internet.. especially on facebook.. mainly blogging.. i logged in. checked my blogger friends updates ..

reading new posts from friends pumped me up to post new posts as well! But it'll end up with me just staring blankly at my laptop thinking what to update..

before.. before.. i seriously don't know what to update.. today... i feel like blabbing something ...

i have a job interview today.. i cant show up because my left leg hurts like *&^&*.. yeah unspeakable.

okay reality check! i am currently at a state where i dont know what to do.. my heart is telling me something that is opposed from what i think... lets just hope everything will be okay..

people say that you learn more from your mistakes than from your winnings.. i did.. yes i was aware with all of my mistakes... but i keep making them! why?! i don't know..  i always tell myself to change.. i did.. but my past keeps on haunting me.. 2011 started off with lots of crying and misery..  thank god i am still here and strong enough to face everything..

comel tak?! hehe.. toodles! * nothing make sense today-_-'*