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Saturday, 15 January 2011

The Effects of Glasses on People!

Isn't it funny how easily perceptions of people can change depending on whether or not they wear glasses. Don't know what I'm talking about??? Then have a look at this!

For those having trouble reading the text, it runs like this:Truck Driver/ Dr. ProfessorHells Angel/Fashion DesignerEasy/HardButcher/Artist

Source: http://www.funfacts.com.au/the-effects-of-glasses-on-people/

It happened to me.. HOW ABOUT YOU? -_-

Salam and good day readers..

Now, have u been in a very awkward situation.. me? ALWAYS!...actually..most of the time..and here are 'some' of the awkwards moments that i have been in and maybe u have too :

-When you finish your test early and you don’t want to be the first one to hand it in so you wait for someone else to do it first…

-When you comment on someones facebook status and they completely ignore your comment, but keeping answering everyone else’s comments...

-When B1 doesn’t know what B2 is thinking... (Banana's in Pyjamas)..Wierd..
-Dora the explorer's parents dont stop her on going anywhere anytime.. Knowing she always gets lost and ask fo help from strangers!

-When you say goodbye to someone and both walk the same way..

-When your mom calls you by your sibling’s name... Especially she only gets it right when all names has been called out..
-When you don’t forward a chain email and die..

-When you feel you’ve written the most LEGENDARY Facebook status ever….and nobody is “liking” or commenting...

-When you see Tom on facebook.*AWKWARD SILENCE*

-When you’re on messenger and you realize the only ‘online’ icon is you...maybe it's just me..

-When you accidently press “like” on someone’s Facebook status that you don’t know very well, and you don’t want to appear rude by “unliking” it...

-When some of these awkward moments were not really awkward.... *krik krik*

I guess thats for now * though i have lots more but to lazy to type ('_'#)*