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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Okay esok tahun 2012

Assalamualaikum and hai
Aku sebenarnya macam tak percaya dah almost habis 2011..
okay..apa yang telah aku lakukan sepanjang tahun ini??
hmm.. aku grad diploma aku..best2
then aku dapat duit hasil titik peluh aku.. pun best gak
and now aku smbung ijazah.. laik a bous
actually.. yang aku rasa paling meaningful bila Kai lamar aku
yeah.. aku happy.. one step closer to the next part of life..
aku sebenarnya ada banyak benda nak cite kat blog..but bahaya kot..
maybe one day akan ada blog anon dari aku..at least aku leh luahkan perasaan aku sedikit..haha
anyway.. 2011 overall agak best..
bulan 6 2012 aku bakal menjadi tunang org
OMG im taken
hope semua berjalan lancar.. sekarang aku sedang dalam proses untuk kuruskan badan
hope that goes well too insyaAllah..
haha..gambar aku n kai.. masih ada.. tgk lah apa aku wat nnt..hehehe
semoga ini yang terakhir insyaAllah.. <3
2012 here i come

Sunday, 4 December 2011

I miss you buddy(s)

Assalamualaikum and morningg
okay kenapa wajah aku tersangat gelap ketika ini.. okay, this picture was taken like 2 years ago.. i was doing my industrial training at KTM.. ala tren tu..yg lambat over sangat tu.. yeah that one
Pergh.. aku memang tak jaga langsung muka.. kawan2 aku pun kerja kat site gak.. lawo je..oh well.. biarlah..

Hah .. yg kiri tu Najihah.. @ siti salha.. dia ada dua nama.. aku suka panggil dia salha je..hehe.. geng aku masa JPK dulu.. memang banyak kenangan aku dengan dia.. nangis melalak meraung semua dengan dia.. naji ui

Behind me is Haninah aka B..hehe... classmate aku jugak macam si salha tu.. dia ni ibarat macam kaunselor peribadi bukan untuk aku je..tetapi satu kelas.. love her :)

ini pula basirah aka basir je bagi aku.. ni lah roomate aku selama setahun ok..haha.. terbaik..kitaorg memang selalu gaduh.. tumbuk2 tendang2..haha..xdelah cenggitu.. tp itulah hakikatnya.. still dia yg paling rapat and open minded.. best sangat kenal and berpeluang untuk hdup dengan dia selama setahun.. sekarang dia kat Uniten.. Oh basirku.. kapan kita akan ketemu.. rindu kau lah ..okay and again..awat muka aku macam macho.. geezz
Ni team aku masa final projek diploma dulu.. sayang mereka sangat2.. kawan aku sampai sekarang .. si man tu.. 2 dari kiri kaki kacau n kutuk..hehe.. seah yg plg kiri..abg long..hehe.. he's older than us for a year.. yg hujung kanan ..nama dia ain.. sgt cantik n lawa n pendiam..but sekali cakap..amboi...kpop, bleach sume kuar.. love her to bits..smpai sekarang cntct2.. siap plan nk g kelas jahit ok.

ni kawan kelas aku.. xdelah semua..masa diploma dulu..alkisah..ni lah time kami kene dok tepi jalan wat banci kete and tengok speed kete and wat calculation..hah pendek kabo semua ok.. tp memang best.. dpn sekali seahh seperti diperkenalkan td..belakang seah tu ain la kan..hehe..pastu aku..then haninah..yg pegang walkie talkie tu apis aka apish.. bijak weh  dia tu.. yg nmpk mata je tu idham..hehe..maap idam*bak kata miss..ok serius ketika ini aku lupa nama lect geotek aku*..best2

jujur aku katakan.. banyak konflik budak2 kelas aku dulu.. tapi itu lah yg menjadikan kenangan yang xboleh dlupakan.. sronok.. rindu saat2 itu..sekarang masing2 dah ada haluan masing..ada yg kerja.. pangkat tinggi2 lak tu.. ada jugak yg sambung belajar macam aku.. apa2 pun.. aku doakan yg terbaik untuk korang.. 

Friday, 2 December 2011

Result dah keluaq! *tet*

Assalamualaikum and Good Morning.. Good day.. Good everything
I don't know what went wrong.. or maybe this is a good thing.. still it could be a false alarm..
Last night, i checked my final exam result..

It was actually hard to believe.. so i refreshed and refreshed up to more than 10 times.. is this true? I manage to achieve a first degree result.. Alhamdulillah.. But then again..  i tried again few hours later and found out that the result that i witnessed was not official just yet.. Now i'm nervous all over again.. 

Its actually hard for me to believe that such prestige university is having a problem like this and this is definitely not a playing matter. I was by far super excited with my result and it turned out " UNOFFICIAL ".. -_-

Nevermind, i'll wait till 6th of December which will be the REAL date of maybe the beginning of my suffer or the beginning of a brand new happy life there.. Let's just hope and pray for the best

I am currently sitting alone head facing the balcony and such a beautiful view.. My mind is thinking about my result.. while my heart is saying that i miss someone.. I really do miss you ! :'(

Time sure flew by faster than lightning now.. My second semester will start next week.. Woah.. 3 weeks already.. and i actually have nothing to prepare myself for a brand new semester there.. Anyway.. still i am thankful because my classmates are all nice, humble, smart, friendly.. no backstabbers ok ;p.. I am definitely done with all those memories.. seriously it was not a nice picture there... 

My intentions, goals and hopes:
- maintain 3.80 +
- lose some weight before my engagement
- never miss my prayers 
- always have good intentions 
- be a more positive person
- always and always ask for my parents permission before doing anything * trust me, you'll feel calmer*
- love him <3

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Once Upon of December

Dancing bears
Painted wings
Things I almost remember,
And a song someone sings
once upon a december

Someone holds me safe and warm,
horses prance through a silver storm,
Figures dancing gracefully,
across my memory,

Someone holds me safe and warm,
horses prance through a silver storm,
Figures dancing gracefully,
across my memory,

Far away, long ago
things I yern to remember
and a song someone sings
Once upon a December

And a song someone sings
Once upon a December 

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

emotionally disturbed

Assalamualaikum and good day.. though it's raining heavily outside.. i still wish everyone here a very good day yaw!
Okay. Sometimes, when there isn't any problem.. or there's a problem but it's not a really big deal kion of problem.. some people acts so emotionally and will start to do something stupid. Am i right? Especially women. Yes , i have to admit.. i was that kind of women.. hihihi...WAS? well sometimes am.. but you get the picture.-,-

Women more prone to emotional stress than men 'because of sensitivity to hormone'

This perhaps explains why they often take a more laid-back view of potential crises - infuriating the women in their lives in the process.
Researchers say the U.S. study could help explain the differences in the way men and women control their emotions.
Women have higher rates of depression,post-traumatic stress disorder and other anxiety problems than men.
However no one has yet been able to pinpoint a biological reason for the difference.
The study focused on a stress hormone called corticotropinreleasing factor (CRF) which helps control the body's reaction to stress.
CRF is known to play a role in human psychiatric conditions.
Study leader Dr Rita Valentino, of The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, said: 'This is an animal study carried out on rats and we cannot say that the biological mechanism is the same in people.
'But researchers already know that CRF regulation is disrupted in stress-related psychiatric disorders, so this research may be relevant to the underlying human biology. This may help to explain why women are twice as vulnerable as men to stress-related disorders.'
In the study, brain cells of female rats were excited by doses of CRF that were too low to affect cells in male rats, the journal Molecular Psychiatry reports.
Experiments showed that the hormone bound more tightly to brain cell proteins of stressed-out female rats, making them more sensitive to its effects. The male rats, however, were able to reduce levels of the protein, stopping the hormone from binding and reducing its effects on the brain.
Since much of the previous animal research on stress used only males, important sex differences may have gone undetected, hampering the development of effective drugs for women. 
'Pharmacology researchers investigating CRF antagonists (blocking agents) as drug treatments for depression may need to take into account gender differences at the molecular level,' said Dr Valentino.
That's all :D

The truth about YOU!

Asslamualaikum and good day ..
Honestly, currently i'm updating my blog in a mood of rage and anger.. Yes i am definitely at a boiling point for always backing up someone i love most knowing that she is a hypocrite! I tried to hide it, but i just can't anymore..

Dear you,
You are a hypocrite.. yes you! I often lie to people just to let them know that you are okay with everything, but the fact is that you are not and always say something mean about them. You often show yourself as a perfect women in front others.. but only i know who you really are. Sometimes, i just can't go on with your hypocrisy...When people asked me about your respond towards them, I just had to put on a fake smile and said you're okay with everything because i don't want others to think negatively bad about you.. can't you see that?.. Whenever i tried to have a small conversation with you regarding this matter, you flipped out and ended up not listening to what i had to say. I kept quiet because i love you. Sometimes i'd even thought of just telling everyone the truth about you because i'm sick and tired with all of your acting and lies and hypocrisy and many other unexplainable things.. but, i just ended up telling it here as part of my therapy of letting this anger out of my body and soul. I love you.. but i can't take it anymore...I hope that you change, come to a realization and finally admit that what you are doing now is terribly wrong. Also, try to appreciate others a bit more instead of thinking negatively about them.. Hope that you are reading this and this post will be your wake up call to be better.. InsyaAllah.. 

Sunday, 27 November 2011


Assalamualaikum ;)
Salam Satu Malaysia..
Okay.. in just a few days.. my result will be out.. yay~~

Ok.. To be frank.. im not too excited about finding out my result.. IT IS MAKING ME SO NERVOUS ..
Yes, i did my best.. MY VERY BEST OK.. to be able to answer my finals smoothly.. but it turned out that all of the 'information' shared by our most beloved lecturers.. are all nothing.. nada! zerooo!
I was so frustrated.. I read everything that she had taught us during the whole semester.. but.. that was the best i could do...
I am now just hoping for something miracle to happen.. 
Still, another semester flew by like yesterday's news.. 
Degree is totally different than diploma.. life's tougher and maintaining good results will really help to keep up the grades.. 
My hope... hopes.. are to be able to achieve 1st Class Degree honors.. Contribute something there.. maybe I'll join an organization.. maybe not.. i don't know.. i just haven't decided yet..

I am definitely do not want the same incident from when i was doing my diploma to ever happen again.. ever! Two times! Two freakin times i had to repeat.. The worst.. And that is why now.. i am trying to focus more on my studies than my curricular activities.. for the time being..
give me some time to adapt myself here.. :p
And oh.. the ring in the picture.. it's not mine.. something i grabbed from google * thanks* .. I will be engaged to someone very special.. it's actually hard to believe knowing that my relationship is happily accepted by my family and him as well.. no more like 'the past'.. * how i hate it*.. *and regret*
It's almost December ! In just a month later.. It's 2012.. new year.. though we muslims already celebrated new year yesterday.. Selamat Menyambut Maal Hijrah:) * not sure how to say it in english*
I guess that's all for now:)
May Allah swt bless you all .. InsyaAllah :)

Thursday, 17 November 2011


Hectic Week

Assalamualaikum.. Hai :)

Been busy.
The first day of next week kicks off my final.
Nervous+Anxious+Still struggling to memorize everything= CHAOS!
No biggy right.
Like.. It's not the first time i sit for exams and all... right?
Pray for me readers.

Thanks <3 
Everything you want is out there waiting for you to ask. Everything you want also wants you. But you have to take action to get it.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Looking back on all the things i done

Assalamualaikum. Hai

Current location. Mi casa. As i look back through all my years growing up, 2011 got me real good. And i don't mean it in a good way -_-. I could just remember the first day i stepped into high school. It was fun at first. But the teasing and mocking made me feel so alone and low. People used to call me 'giant' , 'gegar' and all kinds of unwanted words just to describe me. Yeah, i giggled along, but i cried inside. I too used to fell for my classmate.. and it was like a total obsession! Puppy love? Yes! Definitely.

I was too obsessed in wanting to look beautiful and all.. but, NO EFFORT! That was the problem.

Hah.. since i was lack of confidence back then, my way to get guys attention was .. THE INTERNET.. I discovered the life of a sicko who spent 24/7 in front of the computer looking for... LOVE. I was a definite idiot! At that time, i was a total fanatic of yahoo chat. I chatted and knew a lot of guys. Yes readers, GUYS. I was so pathetic. The only way for me to approach a guy was by chatting. Most of the guys i knew online were sexaholic. Well it's true.. back then, i was like 13-15, i discovered the wrong usage of the internet. I turned into a liar, bad person to say the least. I did not, and never liked what turned out to be back then.

Honestly, i am myself now all because of a very horrifying dream. Its about decision and death. I woke up the next day sweating as if i really fell down into the river of fire. That dream changed me. It may change my appearance as i started to cover my aurah.. but, honestly, i was still me before, but less meaner. I know some things i did was wrong, but i ended up doing it anyway.

Time passes by.. I grew up and learned so many things about life.. Love .. a dramatic word for me.. Frankly speaking* or typing*, my love life is the part of me that has taught me most about life. I met with all kinds of men. Some are nice, some are just mean, some are funny and one is the only person i fell so alive whenever i'm with him. Every part of my life, every relationships I've been in, has a story behind. But, everything was then. Now.. i'm in a relationship where i feel, i really want this to happen.. i want him to be the one who will take care of me in the future. From my point of view.. as a person, not as his future partner, for me.. he's a definite nice guy. Full of responsibilities and able to calm people. He knows how to make me smile.

Love a person who loves you.. Love a person who can guide you, love a person who understands you.. Love a person because you love him.. Learn life by love.. You'll know what i mean. Love for Allah swt, love for our messenger Nabi Muhammad saw, love for our parents, love for our family..love for yourself.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Remember the time

Assalamualaikum .. hai

yesterday our curricular class was canceled.. which we were supposed to play futsal.. im sorry.. i don't know whats futsal in english. My housemate awa is currently trying to improve her english.. Its funny to see her trying so hard to speak in english. but i respect her enthusiasm to be better. i myself have to improve since i will be taking my muet AGAIN. Its not that i'm not grateful, i just want to achieve what i had targeted before. i wanted band 5.. not band 4:(... now .. i'll take my second chance to achieve band 6 ! yeah.. nothing is impossible.

i miss him. yeah.. i miss my future fiance.. he is trying very hard to make everything for us.. just a few months away.. i hope he can cope everything well... final is just around the corner.. i promised my mum and kai i'll achieve great result this semester.. how i wish life could be simpler.. come to think about it.. if its simpler.. life would be boring..

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Not feeling well :(

Assalamualaikum.. Hai :)

Lately tidak lah berapa nak sihatnya. I went to the clinic and the doctor shared me a shocking news:(

Worry no more.. im okay today. yesterday was a scary day for me.

Can't wait to start everything all over.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Its nice to actually have someone who loves you dearly

Assalmaualaikum .. Hai ^__^

I am currently a Bachelor Of Engineering ( Hons) Civil student at Selangor University or known as UniSel. InsyaAllah in 2 years I will have my degree in my own field since i was in highschool. I love my life now. Yes i have to admit, its tiring. Very tiring. Like people always say, Difficulties are meant to rouse, not discourage. The human spirit is to grow strong by conflict. Now is my conflict, and it did not break me because i know everything will go well later onward.

I am currently living in a very nice little apartment with 5 beautiful girls as my housemates. I am the oldest and all of my housemates are such nice people. Alhamdulillah. ^__^

My lovely housemates :) (from left ) Mai 20 Bchlr of Statistics (hons), Syai 21 bchlr of Software Engineering (Hons), Awa 20 Found. TESL, ila 19 Diploma in Islamic Studies and our youngest c's sya 20 Found. TESL same as awa. 

Since my life as a degree student begun , i knew it will never be the same. There are only 11 students including me for my class. Since now is a short semester, i only get to study 2 subjects. BLESSED ^__^

A day before i register at UniSel, Kai came to my house and ask my mum's permission to take me as his wife. Alhamdulillah. May everything goes well insyaAllah. Next week we'll be surveying our engagement prep:) InsyaAllah :)

Don’t count the days, make the days count. <3

Back to student life

Assalamualaikum.. hai :)

Name : Putri Salina Rais Binti Ismail
Age : 22
D.O.B  : 01/04/1989
Course : Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Civil

Mood : Happy^___^

Friday, 23 September 2011

At last I have made my decision

Assalamualaikum.. Hai ^_^

Today is ...FRIDAY! 5 days to go before i pursue my Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Civil at UniSel.. Yup.. I will again go on with my civil studies.. At first I thought of going to a local university.. Then again, i am actually scared in handling pressure with the best among the best. Not saying that UniSel is not one of the best, but i feel that studying there will be much fun and not too strict. Hopefully.

I am actually excited to pursue my degree. After a year being close at home, its time again for me to be independent. Aku harap kesinambungan aku bergelar pelajar kali ini lebih serius. Dulu masa kat poli aku banyak habiskan masa join aktiviti sana sini sehingga mengabaikan pelajaran aku. Aku kesal.

Hope kehidupan baru aku bermula bila aku memulakan langkah sebagai pelajar ijazah sarjana muda kelak. Semoga Allah swt temukan aku dengan kawan2 yang boleh bimbing aku untuk jadi lebih baik. Aku juga amat mengharapkan agar relationship aku dengan future someone aku menjadi kenyataan.

Sejak dua menjak ni, especially bila aku buat keputusan untuk sambung di UNISEL, dia tak habis2 menimbulkan soal kahwin. Katanya takut aku berubah hati. InsyaAllah tidak.. niat aku baik untuk belajar bukan untuk menjadi teman hidup sebab aku dah ada dia. ^_^. Cincin semua da ada.. 30 % aku menjadi milik dia sudah. Hope segala yang dirancang menjadi. 

Dugaan seorang pelajar memang hebat. Aku ,masih teringat masa diploma dulu.. banyak nya gangguan especially dari segi hati dan perasaan. Yang lama bercinta pun boleh putus. Yang da bertunang pun boleh putus. End up kawin dengan orang lain. Aish... politeknik sultan idris shah.. terlalu banyak kenangan... mostly kenangan yang buat aku sedih sangat... yang buat aku ras happy bila aku dengan JPK je.. hehe.. Tapi takpe..kini aku ada life yang baru.. Syukuri apa yang ada.. hidup ini tidak sempurna. 

Fuh masa sem 5.. sangat semanagat aku.. kalau kai tengok mesti kne ejek..lala

Kawan aku masa kat poli yang kini bergelar pelajar ijazah dalam bidang yang sama macam aku kongsi cerita dengan aku.. dia kata pressure bila degree ni.. aku mula risau.. tapi, dia juga yakinkan aku yang aku kena ada niat yang betul bila bab2 belajar.. insyaAllah semuanya akan ok.. thanks ida :) aku harap kau berjaya mencapai cita-cita kau. Kita jangan dengki satu sama lain...yang penting usaha kan ida:)

Aku hampir siap barang-barang aku untuk sambung belajar nanti.. almaklumlah duduk rumah sewa.. kne complete. 

Lusa insyaAllah aku dan dia akan gerak ke kedah untuk amek ueen. Ueen da habis asasi dia.. hebat budak ni.. muda2 da smbung degree .. aku pulak baru nak sambung..aku bangga ada adik macam dia.. adik2 aku dua2 sambung degree... kakak aku tahun depan akan bergelar isteri orang .. macam tak percaya je.. dulu masa sekolah ganas2 je.. tgk2 da nak kahwin dengan long time boyfriend and currently fiancĂ© Abg wan..hehe.. aku pulak?

Aku tak mahu cakap apa apa lagi.. Biar masa yang menentukan,, ^__^

Okay aku rasa thats all for now. will update soon!

credit to oh!best


Thursday, 15 September 2011

Happy birthday yang ke -49 Mummy!

Assalamualaikum & Hai :)

Hari ini hari jadi ibu! Yay! I made a luscious red velvet cake with buttercream topping.. Alhamdulillah in turned out good... I stayed up all night perfecting the cake.. I made two batch.. The first batch was a lemon sponge cake.. It tasted like bake flour..The worst you could put in your mouth.. I almost gave up.. I stopped for a while to ease my mind due to the failure and surfed the internet.. Suddenly it hit me!  How about a good simple recipe of a Red Velvet cake? Bingo!

So i rushed back to the kitchen.. About an hour later, my cake was done.. And it was delicious! Alhamdulillah.. I had decided to make a butter-cream frosting as that frosting is the originality of the cake, its from what i've heard. Alhamdulillah it's too a good frosting .. I have a bad habit of picking up the lefovers in the mixing bowl.. GUILTY! ^__^..

I wished i took some pictures during the whole process.. Unfortunately I can't because I was the only one in the kitchen.. I didn't want to disturb my mum.. It is here birthday today.. My eldest c's is currently having fun with her old schoolmates at Singapore.. UNIVERSAL STUDIOS! Damn..

Still, i had joyous fun making my self dirty * that sounded so wrong* ---__---

Happy Birthday Mummy Chulla! -49-