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Sunday, 27 November 2011


Assalamualaikum ;)
Salam Satu Malaysia..
Okay.. in just a few days.. my result will be out.. yay~~

Ok.. To be frank.. im not too excited about finding out my result.. IT IS MAKING ME SO NERVOUS ..
Yes, i did my best.. MY VERY BEST OK.. to be able to answer my finals smoothly.. but it turned out that all of the 'information' shared by our most beloved lecturers.. are all nothing.. nada! zerooo!
I was so frustrated.. I read everything that she had taught us during the whole semester.. but.. that was the best i could do...
I am now just hoping for something miracle to happen.. 
Still, another semester flew by like yesterday's news.. 
Degree is totally different than diploma.. life's tougher and maintaining good results will really help to keep up the grades.. 
My hope... hopes.. are to be able to achieve 1st Class Degree honors.. Contribute something there.. maybe I'll join an organization.. maybe not.. i don't know.. i just haven't decided yet..

I am definitely do not want the same incident from when i was doing my diploma to ever happen again.. ever! Two times! Two freakin times i had to repeat.. The worst.. And that is why now.. i am trying to focus more on my studies than my curricular activities.. for the time being..
give me some time to adapt myself here.. :p
And oh.. the ring in the picture.. it's not mine.. something i grabbed from google * thanks* .. I will be engaged to someone very special.. it's actually hard to believe knowing that my relationship is happily accepted by my family and him as well.. no more like 'the past'.. * how i hate it*.. *and regret*
It's almost December ! In just a month later.. It's 2012.. new year.. though we muslims already celebrated new year yesterday.. Selamat Menyambut Maal Hijrah:) * not sure how to say it in english*
I guess that's all for now:)
May Allah swt bless you all .. InsyaAllah :)


Amalina Azman said...

dah nak tunang ke? wahh congrats :)

Salina Hj Ismail said...

alhamdulillah :).. thanks dear :)