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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Remember the time

Assalamualaikum .. hai

yesterday our curricular class was canceled.. which we were supposed to play futsal.. im sorry.. i don't know whats futsal in english. My housemate awa is currently trying to improve her english.. Its funny to see her trying so hard to speak in english. but i respect her enthusiasm to be better. i myself have to improve since i will be taking my muet AGAIN. Its not that i'm not grateful, i just want to achieve what i had targeted before. i wanted band 5.. not band 4:(... now .. i'll take my second chance to achieve band 6 ! yeah.. nothing is impossible.

i miss him. yeah.. i miss my future fiance.. he is trying very hard to make everything for us.. just a few months away.. i hope he can cope everything well... final is just around the corner.. i promised my mum and kai i'll achieve great result this semester.. how i wish life could be simpler.. come to think about it.. if its simpler.. life would be boring..

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