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Friday, 2 December 2011

Result dah keluaq! *tet*

Assalamualaikum and Good Morning.. Good day.. Good everything
I don't know what went wrong.. or maybe this is a good thing.. still it could be a false alarm..
Last night, i checked my final exam result..

It was actually hard to believe.. so i refreshed and refreshed up to more than 10 times.. is this true? I manage to achieve a first degree result.. Alhamdulillah.. But then again..  i tried again few hours later and found out that the result that i witnessed was not official just yet.. Now i'm nervous all over again.. 

Its actually hard for me to believe that such prestige university is having a problem like this and this is definitely not a playing matter. I was by far super excited with my result and it turned out " UNOFFICIAL ".. -_-

Nevermind, i'll wait till 6th of December which will be the REAL date of maybe the beginning of my suffer or the beginning of a brand new happy life there.. Let's just hope and pray for the best

I am currently sitting alone head facing the balcony and such a beautiful view.. My mind is thinking about my result.. while my heart is saying that i miss someone.. I really do miss you ! :'(

Time sure flew by faster than lightning now.. My second semester will start next week.. Woah.. 3 weeks already.. and i actually have nothing to prepare myself for a brand new semester there.. Anyway.. still i am thankful because my classmates are all nice, humble, smart, friendly.. no backstabbers ok ;p.. I am definitely done with all those memories.. seriously it was not a nice picture there... 

My intentions, goals and hopes:
- maintain 3.80 +
- lose some weight before my engagement
- never miss my prayers 
- always have good intentions 
- be a more positive person
- always and always ask for my parents permission before doing anything * trust me, you'll feel calmer*
- love him <3

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