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Saturday, 11 June 2011

The truth about my life

- I am fat
- I achieved A1 for my English during SPM
- I am a diploma holder in civil engineering studies
- I was an English teacher.. and maths...WAS...
- I don't snore
- I lost my father when i was 17
- I am currently working from home as an article translator
- I am 22 years old this year
- I was a ******** when I was younger.
- I am wearing hijab now
- I am currently in a relationship
- I used to be labelled as a heart breaker.
- I cry a lot
- I can do many accents.. BRIK ESH  ..
- I am still waiting to further my degree.
- I was cheated by men so many uncountable times.. DAMN
- I stutter when I'm being interrogated
- I hate being isolated.
- I am not a millionaire.. I SWEAR..
- I don't inherit a mansion in London.. rumours..
- I hate fake girls,stop being fake,stop wearing too much eye make-up,you're not emo duh...
- I hate liars
- I hate hypocrites
- I have a pet turtle
- I prefer to eat fish than chicken..
- I was never thin..
- I am head over heels in love with K***** A****
- I have my own money now
- I work to live my life.
- I am surveying my future car
- I don't easily trust people.. especially psychotic men who often sends me weird flirting signals. L.
- I am the second child.. daughter
- I was always taken advantage of by most of my peers.. Well.. not any more..
- Most people see me as the snobbish girl who lived a perfect life.. Guess what.. I am not that girl..
- I love making new friends, being friends, stay friends.. be a friend..
- I was a motivator.. Now  I am the one who needs to be motivated.. -.-'
- I use to have a crush with my own friend.. HOPE THAT WILL NEVER EVER HAPPEN AGAIN .
- I love kids..
- I can't wait to have my own family..
- I only have two high -heels..
- I can't sing.. terrible voice.. TRUST ME..
- I love dancing but I suck at it
- I am a passionate cook.. I love creating new recipes.
- I wish to put some of my pictures during my younger years travelling but unfortunately I looked like a guy -_-", I don't want to confuse you guys.

That's about it for now.

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