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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Thank You for the surprise :)

Salam everyone..

So, i was just wathcing tv with my mum.. Suddenly i heard the doorbell rang followed by a faint knock at the front door.. It was so very annoying at first as the doorbell is ranged constantly...

I rushed to the door and saw the 'courier guy' .. Hmmm??

I opened the door and he asked for..:

'"Cik Putri Salina Rais Ismail ada?"

" Ye saya, kenapa ya?"

"Here's a delivery for you, I need you to sign here..etc..etc"

A delivery for me?? After the approval.. I asked my mum if she oredered anything.. She said nothing she could think of...

To my surprise.. The package was a red box with ribbon on top.. I opened it and... IT WAS as shown in the picture:)

Still, the sender remained a mystery although i know who actually sent it.. Thanks sayang.. so sweet.. Its like something that is ordered and was sent directly to me.. Its just lovely... what touched me is the sincerity the 'sender' sent me.. Again b... Thank you :)


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