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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Blogging tips

Salam uolss...

Since i will be spending a lot of time blogging now...I would like to share sometips for all you new bloggers out there...
There are a few things to consider before you contact any blog for link exchange, a few things on which you need to think on and a few things you should avoid while exchanging links. Lets discuss them!

1. Ask Blogs With The Same / Less PR Only For Link Exchange

Most of the bloggers ask high PR and popular blogs for link exchange. Suppose your blog has a PR-0 and you try exchanging links with PR-5 blogs, do you think any such blog will accept your offer? I bet NO!

A few days back a person contacted me saying that no blog is ready for exchanging links with my PR-0 blog. I thought at least PR-0 blogs should accept his offer. Then I wondered for a moment and emailed him for sites he had contacted for link exchange. The first site was Tech Crunch, next was Mashable and the high profile blog list continued. I wondered again why those sites will exchange links? I was happy that he didn’t contact Google for link exchange! Choose a blog for link exchange wisely is all that I want to suggest.

2. Don’t Exchange Links With Adult Sites / Auto Sites

Exchanging links with such sites is like destroying our site’s search engine ranks. Links from such sites hardly add any value. Links from auto blogs or sites and adult sites may harm your site badly. They may perhaps spoil all your SEO! So always try avoiding links with such sites.

3. Avoid Exchanging Links With Blogs Not Related To Your Blog Niche

Suppose you own a technology blog and you you exchange links with sports blogs, the links swill hardly add any value to your search engine rankings and page rank. Instead Google may penalize your site for such links. So always try avoiding link exchange with unrelated sites or blogs.

4. Make Sure You Get Do Follow Links

Some sites under pretext of link exchange may give you no-follow links. So before exchanging links always make sure the links you receive are do follow because no follow links won’t give you any link juice. After link exchange always check if the link is do follow.

5. Permanent Links Are Useful, Temporary Are Useless

Permanent links are useful for a blog SEO, while temporary links are very harmful. So try exchanging links with reliable bloggers and sites so that your link stays on their blog or site for a long time and not just a few weeks or months.

CREDIT TO : http://www.bloggingjunction.com/blog-link-building-tips/

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