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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

SoMeThInG ThAt pOpPeD OuT Of mInD 10 SeCOnDs AgO

Okay...it has already been two months for the new semester and it is indeed a tough semester for me...so many things had been going on and off lately...like what? im sure u know...its not like im not taking part in this battle of the "..(if i may say..hehe)...its just that theres too many other things to be thinking about..sure..being banged like that publicly did make me feel soo....(no need to mention)..but..come to think of it..there are some things that we need to think...other points of view..we cannot judge ourselves...but the people around us will...agree? im sure u will...because this i what were supposed to be..

Im Not trying to be judgemental...its just that..i wish everything will be baCK TO NORMAL...hope so...and will always do...to the 'anonymous' guy/gurl who " my friend's blog..i applaud for ur braveness to say like that publicly...thats all......and..if u have ideas to be a better(perfect) person...do come forward and share ur knowledge...sharing is caring....ALSO..being perfect has never been easy...we have our weakness...anyways...i wish everything will be okay...fyi, my friend appreciate ur":)

To my friend...we have been in this together like forever...be strong...don't act too hasty...focus on ur study and i wish u all the best...love conquers all is not true!hehe...love ya buddy..

For the coperation with Persatuan Ukhuwah...JPK members would be glad to help.....GIVE N TAKE IS A JOURNEY TO HAPPINESS.u guys do helped us in so many ways...n we appreciate the sincerity u gave us....May Allah bless each of our activities and may this relationship with ur party grow strong everyday..InsyaAllah...

JPK has been in my 'blood' for the past 4 semester..this semester is the 5th semester i let myself into this crazy work....i dun care what people say..because i love JPK...and i wish the best for all the members...for all my family...



Nurul said...


I'm really sorry if you feel like I'm saying those things to you. Allah knows I didn't point it to you. I adore you very much and you've never been hostile to me (not even once) since we started knowing each other. Not even once u hurt my feeling. No, sister. I didn't wrote that specifically to a specific person (except about the meeting). It was suppose to be in general, asking not to adapt bad behavior from the past. I'm sorry if I hurt ur feeling. Keep on the excellent work u're doing. I'm behind you. Wassalam.

InA@Comey said...

thanks kak..... :)