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Monday, 1 April 2013

This is me...24 years later

This is me..
i was born on the 1st of april 1989
i was born in kuantan
we stayed in kuantan for a few years 
then we moved to kl
i started kindergarten when i was 5
i started primary school at srk hulu klang@kelang.. i forgot
few months being a dictator in class ( was elected as ASSISTANT class monitor ..just)
then we moved to penang
i continued my primary school at MGS penang
an all girls school
i was fat..really
i remembered one day,
i was so eager to go to recess
i fell...
i was bleeding...and was hungry...
but more to hungry
so i ran ...
neglecting the wound..bleeding wound on my left knee...
i realized i was hurt on my way back home on the bus.. there was small rocks and sand..

We moved to kl  
that was when i was just starting standard 4
there , i met a group of judgmental kids
esp-eacially the chinese boy..
i forgot his name...hmm..so
after my first test there..
i gained friends..
yep, they were particulate with results.. 
they were also my group of best friends..

secondary school..
form 1
smk seri saujana
i was elected as a prefect..
some called me Doremon..
prefects wear blue uniforms..
get it?
i was not the popular girl in school..
but the worst thing was...
all of my friends are popular..
i pity my self..
i was always someones friend..
not more than that..
yes, some might say, 
" why were u already thinking on being more than friends?"
my answer?
" i dont really know.. but im jealous that my friends have someone to expressed to"
typical right
i was 14.. going on 15...

okay.. when i was 16..
i received an offer to further in technical school 
location : MUADZAM SHAH
civil engineering studies..
it was a wonderful experience there
also was my first experience staying in a hostel
no parents
many rules
it was very fun!

i started joining the debate team few months after registration..
i want to change..
not trying to be popular or anything.. 
just want people to know that i exist
my time to shine!
our team won the first year i joined..
but lost the year after
it helped me until today..
my first year in muadzam...

i met a guy...
a mysterious guy..not many friends..
he approached me..needing me to help him giving some sort of letter to one of my friends..
i helped.
then i started to know him
we were very close..
were of course...
things changed ... 
he changed...

after my spm result came out
i continued at PSIS
for my diploma
still in civil engineering
my stay at PSIS was like a starting platform
i gained so many knowledge about life...
the sad thing is
i dont really care about my studies!
i was to active with programs
until i forgot my reason doing my diploma..
i learn from my mistakes..
i graduated at least

i did a final project on scaffolding
 i also managed to make into the paintball team
it was thrilling
yet satisfying
if you have the urge to kill someone
do paintball war
it will help you ease up
like i did
that was my first
and my last doing games like that
at least we didnt get last..

known as
jawatan kuasa pelajar kamsis
my family..new family
the greatest experience ever
so many programs
so many new experience
so many lessons learned
so many
just so many things happened..

two years later, 
i had to do my practical training
i chose KTM..
that was the only place available
last minute 

thats what i got
during my period of training
many accidents happened..
not my fault!
to say the least
i had gained many experience doing this training.
i mean

thats all about job
lets get back to that shall we?

i started dating my best friend during my technical high school years
it lasted for 3 years
we broke up without any fights or anything
a friendly breakup

after my diploma...
thats when i started to know my fiance...
we were friends..
after 4 months of knowing each other, we finally decided to meet up
a year later, things got serious..
i was planning on continuing my degree
i chose unisel
just a day before registering..
kai ( my fiance ) helped me fo some shopping..
he took me home
that was when he met my step dad and mum..
he was planning on getting engaged with me..

i was happy.. 
he was definitely serious..
i accepted ...

a year later
on the 23rd of june 2011
i was engaged to a wonderful guy
alhamdulillah things went well
In shaa Allah... 
on the 31st of January 2014
i will officially be his wife..
time is flying away so fast..

so many unexpected event occurred during my time being his fiance up today...
Alhamdulillah, we managed to control things
it has been 2 months since the last time i actually see him
the last time i remembered, we were video calling..
i missed him
i miss him..
i will miss him

I am currenly on my third year doing my
Bachelor of Civil Engineering with Honours
another year to go..
but that other year will be the year i will be holding two titles
a full time student and full time wife..
for a year 
In shaa Allah..
my hope is that
i will be able to handle everything
calm and smooth
today is my birthday...
i am 24 years old 

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