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Saturday, 15 January 2011

It happened to me.. HOW ABOUT YOU? -_-

Salam and good day readers..

Now, have u been in a very awkward situation.. me? ALWAYS!...actually..most of the time..and here are 'some' of the awkwards moments that i have been in and maybe u have too :

-When you finish your test early and you don’t want to be the first one to hand it in so you wait for someone else to do it first…

-When you comment on someones facebook status and they completely ignore your comment, but keeping answering everyone else’s comments...

-When B1 doesn’t know what B2 is thinking... (Banana's in Pyjamas)..Wierd..
-Dora the explorer's parents dont stop her on going anywhere anytime.. Knowing she always gets lost and ask fo help from strangers!

-When you say goodbye to someone and both walk the same way..

-When your mom calls you by your sibling’s name... Especially she only gets it right when all names has been called out..
-When you don’t forward a chain email and die..

-When you feel you’ve written the most LEGENDARY Facebook status ever….and nobody is “liking” or commenting...

-When you see Tom on facebook.*AWKWARD SILENCE*

-When you’re on messenger and you realize the only ‘online’ icon is you...maybe it's just me..

-When you accidently press “like” on someone’s Facebook status that you don’t know very well, and you don’t want to appear rude by “unliking” it...

-When some of these awkward moments were not really awkward.... *krik krik*

I guess thats for now * though i have lots more but to lazy to type ('_'#)*


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