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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

love is about everything

Salam and good morning peeps!

Its like 7:33 am and im still wide awake.. today i'll be going out...Where you might ask? Anywhere.. Anywhere that i can find peace at heart..

No, im not having problems..no.. i just want to express my love and gratefulness that im still alive to be looking at what Allah has created for us.. Such a wonderful and beautiful world indeed... If i am a billionaire, i would love to visit the 1000 beautiful places in the world before i die.. Yes..i would love to cherish my moment with mother nature..with Allah gift for us...

Sometimes we dont appreciate what we have now... we often complained about so many things...some are just not worth complained...other people have bigger problems..they dont complain..but they are grateful that Allah still give them Iman..faith in their heart to be patient in any obstacles to come...

I was just browsing the internet and i accidently bumped into a very interesting blog.. its about my religion...our religion(islam).. the beauty of Islam can be felt when we cherish the wonderous and magic of islam..first of all..our knowledge towards Islam..

How well do we know our religion? Are we true Muslim or just by name..think about it...

We are definitely not getting any younger.. never think that you should repent when u r old..or after marriage.. why not start now.. just as a first step towards a more secure place at the Hereafter...

Allah swt gave us a beautiful feeling...which is love... He gave it to us... But why are there so many people prefer to give what they have to others rather than thicken the love they receive back to The Almighty Allah..

I once read.. That you will know the meaning of love if u love ALLAH first.. He who decides our future..

I guess this is just for now.. What a lovely day to start...have a great day too guys.


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