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Saturday, 10 September 2011

No more blackberry

Assalamualaikum.. hai

i am officially through with using blackberry now.. its a great phone.. if theres internet package! without the internet its basically a phone that can text and call and play games a few. Thats it.. So now.. im sticking with my old new phone .. Sony Ericsson! model :

Yup k770i.. Yeah.. from a phone that costs almost 2k.. to a phone costs less than 500 bucks! haha.. thats just me.. dont worry.. the blackberry is still with me ..in good condition .. but theres a problem with the keypad.. and again yes.. the reason i am currently using k770i..  *stupid blackberry keypads -__-' *

So.. i know i have on and off the internet.. especially on facebook.. mainly blogging.. i logged in. checked my blogger friends updates ..

reading new posts from friends pumped me up to post new posts as well! But it'll end up with me just staring blankly at my laptop thinking what to update..

before.. before.. i seriously don't know what to update.. today... i feel like blabbing something ...

i have a job interview today.. i cant show up because my left leg hurts like *&^&*.. yeah unspeakable.

okay reality check! i am currently at a state where i dont know what to do.. my heart is telling me something that is opposed from what i think... lets just hope everything will be okay..

people say that you learn more from your mistakes than from your winnings.. i did.. yes i was aware with all of my mistakes... but i keep making them! why?! i don't know..  i always tell myself to change.. i did.. but my past keeps on haunting me.. 2011 started off with lots of crying and misery..  thank god i am still here and strong enough to face everything..

comel tak?! hehe.. toodles! * nothing make sense today-_-'*

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