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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Ye aku sangat terasa !

Assalamualaikum and hello fellow readers.

- Today i am kinda happy but sorta sad a lil'.. more to sad actually..angry too!
-Why? Why? Why?
- I am in between! F***
- Ok.. im not perfect to begin with
- I was totally trying to help and make things better
- But what did i get?
- Many claimed me as a hypocrite.. YES THAT!
- Okay .. YOU...tell me again why are u acting like a kid now?
- YOU really pissed me off
- If i knew this is the way things are heading.. I SHOULDN'T HELPED OR CARED ABOUT YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE!
- I work for money.. any kind of work..in fact..i babysat just to earn 20 bucks!
- I don't care because now i know its hard to earn money
- I worked my **s of for it.. I gave my money to mum.. WHY? Because i want to repay her uncountable sacrifice towards me.
- Yes.. my mother is not perfect.. and * ding dong* your's not too okay!
-Tell me.. who is perfect in this world NOW? who?!
- No one okay
- So stop being such a ****h and grow up.
- I am again really pissed off.
- Stop calling my family a bad one because your family are just much more worst than mine pathetic loser.
- I may seem quiet.. but you are too ****ing much!
- I know this may not seem right.. but this is how i feel and i apologize to all the readers..NOT YOU.
- You know what.. you may be smarter than me.. but you are acting like and immature child.
- Stop with all the spams condemning about my family and start to figure out to see whats wrong with yours.
-Okay I'll stop
- Bye!

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