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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Deep down..

Assalamualaikum and morning readers.. *if there is any

Well.. working has never been easy for me... The money I earned.. I gave some to mom.. Also my brother who is always short when it comes to cash.. I'll do all I can to keep this family alive.. My kakak is busy with her wedding prep and my youngest c's is focusing on her study..

I called the 'college' that I might be pursuing my degree.. Alhamdulillah everything is going well.. Last night me and my cousin Tia had a very long chat.. Mainly it was about our past.. We grew up together.. She knows me and I know her too.. We share all sorts of things.. Yeah.. Definitely no secret between us.. As we journey ourselves in the past.. We have done so many mistakes.. Well.. I had done the worst only god knows.. Deep down.. I am totally regretted with all the things that I had done for the last 22 years of my life..

Dear god.. I'm 22 years old! Unbelievable how time passes us by so fast.. It is now also the mid year of 2011 ..

One of those days you loved as a kid but tend to dread as an adult... With our increasingly busy days it can be just one more unexpected complication... One that can frustrate us quite a bit...

To be honest.. Clearly I was a total jerk before.. I mean, we're talking about the worst thing you could've done during the teenage years.. Childish.. I did real shit ! * Mind the language

I have given up everything just to make things the way they were before.. I work, have my own business.. In fact I'll be selling cupcakes to pay my study fees.. Deep down.. I never face this before..

During the presence of my late father.. I .. I mean we were pampered.. But mostly about facts, knowledge and education.. The learnings of life, behaviour and attitude.. My parents taught us well..

I am truly grateful for it.. I actually grew up in a very happy family..

My mental metaphor of a speed bump was going along pretty well and then I got an unexpected second dose of life’s imperfections..

Are we expecting perfection and perfect knowledge or do we recognize and adjust to life’s challenges and the speed bumps along the way?

We talk about taking the time to dance, finding the joy in the moment, the beauty in a sunrise... We often tell, share, or repeat these little life lessons... But do we value and live by these lessons all the time or only when we have time for them? Might that be why life sends us speed bumps? A reminders to stop and smell the roses?

A piece of humor a friend sent yesterday ended with:

 “Life is short, Break the rules, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably, And never regret anything that made you smile.”

*Well clearly he sent me in my language which is not English..

Okay, while I received the message yesterday and did enjoy... I think that today I truly got it. I need to do these activities even more than I already do... More importantly, I need to do them when presented with days full of speed bumps, not just on days with smooth sailing...

Life is about Imperfection not Perfection.

I need to share the joy of imperfections, laughing along the road of life... Living in the moment, as best as I can... After all, no one is perfect... Every minute I spend in anger is a minute I did not spend in joy...

Here’s to the imperfection in all of us! To finding ways to enjoy them, rather than being frustrated by them... May you live, love, and laugh often....*Preferably all the time, rather than just when it’s convenient*

As I sit here and type, I am reminded that I am not ready for the changes around here.. In this very place I call home... I can either choose to focus on them, which is quite distracting, or I can choose to try and ignore them. I’ve found that if ignore them for a moment, I can typically go past them. The eyes and brain make adjustments...

You can choose to look past the imperfections and still see with clarity...:)

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