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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Kai :)

Assalam and salam satu Malaysia all !

Oh yeah.. Semangat jiwa satu Malaysia akak haaa...

Its pouring rain outside.. I woke up after accidentally fell asleep while talking on the phone with my dearest sayang.. How I love him.. Alhamdulillah.. Sorry dear.. Penat.. Hehe..

Kai.. My dearest love.. Yes, everyone else sure to have their own love stories..and I have mine too.. It may be not as romantic as Jack and Rose, nor Romeo and Juliet.. Its a classical way of falling in love..which is.. Accidentally in love kind of love story..

My love life was never perfect.. Well.. Who does? Sure there are fights here and there.. But.. My 'fight' end up with misery and breakups.. When my relationship is hanging by a cliff.. I start to listen to " potential breakup song" by ali something *dont remember the siingers*.. And.. You guessed it right.. Everything is over in just a snap..

It twas the night.. I was so very bored.. I started to reply all the messages I received in one of my ways of communicating with others online..social network.. I received so many greetings.. He was one of em'.. And well.. We replied one another inbox messages and for some reason.. I felt that I only wanted to chat with him.. Fyi.. He did not have any display pic nor any sorts of pics in his profile.. Somehow..my heart was calling him out so bad.. I seriously did not know why.. Etc2.. Like in my previous post.. Its up until now.. I'm with him..and so very happy.. It has been a while..well..almost a year.. Still..it felt like we are still new..like we are newly declared as a couple.. Everyday has been blessed since I knew him.. My sickness..he's there for me.. I remembered that one time..I was sick.. He came to meet me just for a day just to make sure I'm really okay..he left to JB that very night..
He's like my savior.. My partner..best friend.. He listens to all my problems without complaining on anything.. To top off..he gave me incredibly mature advices.. I love him.. So much..

He respects me..he respects my family.. And I hope..he will be in my family in the future insyaAllah.. I am not a good person to begin with..and its my own fault.. Still..I'm trying my very best to be a better person.. And being with him was one of my best choices.. He supports..motivates me in so many ways.. He reminds me to be a good daughter, sister and friend to everyone.. He also make sure.. I am safe..and for me..I'm safe when he is around me...

Yes.. Many of u might think..I'm a muslim.. Wearing hijab.. Shouldn't be going out with someone who is not my husband yet.. That's true..but, alhamdulillah..he protects me.. He takes care of me.. And promised not to do anything bad as he respects my family and mummy.. That's why I love him..

We seldom meet each other.. I live in KL and he lives in JB... We only get to meet up every once a month or more.. Alhamdulillah..Maybe its better this way to avoid bad assumptions among the people who lives near and around me.. Everything happened for a reason.. And the reason is this.. :)

He calls me everyday..never miss texting me .. Telling me he is grateful to have me as his future partner InsyaAllah.. I am happy to know that.. He appreciates me and accept me for who I am.. Alhamdulillah.. With our iman strongly uphold in our thoughts and minds ..insyaAllah.. Nothing bad can happen in our relationship..

There are ups and down.. Still.. We manage to overcome it.. My dear.. May this relationship is blessed by Allah the Almighty.. If you are not for me, I am not for you.. I accept that fate..and I promise to go on..and I hope u too.. But..for now..currently.. It is my hope..to be with you till the day we are Halal for one another and forever be together.. InsyaAllah...

Love is not about being rich with money.. It is about being rich with hope,care and sincerity.. Also.. What made me even more in love with u..is that u are a muslim..an islam..like me..u can protect me.. U can remind me to be a better muslimah..insyaAllah.. =)

I prefer not to show his picture fully.. InsyaAllah.. Soon.. :)..
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Zuwairi Aiman said...

Salam kunjungan.. singgah la ke blog saya ;)