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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Maaf sebab berubah hati

Assalamualaikum and salam satu Malaysia:)

Lately ni, mesti pembaca serabut tengok blog saya yang sentiasa berubah-ubah.. Saje nak try sebenarnya..tengok2 template and keadaan asal blog da ter'corrupt' so kena and terpaksa buat yang baru.. hope anda semua faham keadaan hamba:'(

Anyway, don't worry because i'll be sticking with this one for some time.. InsyaAllah..

I was supposed to follow my mum to Amanah Raya.. But, something happened and it just had to be postponed.. No biggy :) I'll just stay home then.. Was planning on sending kakak off to work, but i think she ha plans with her fiancĂ©e ...

Currently I am utterly boring and seriously I need my own car.. My very own cruise ride on 'tar island' ..My baby , One of my wishlist item that i wish to have...ummm...NIOW?!

Still, budget have been tight lately, but its okay.. I'll have my way in buying my own car, with my money..yay!

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