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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Love me tender love me sweet

Assalam faithful readers !
Today, i am sharing about a women's aura when it comes to relationship.

The initial attraction for me is not even a physical thing. Not to sound too new-agey or anything, it's actually something about a woman's "aura" that first attracts him to me. Sure, i could be stunningly beautiful * could!*, but i could also look like a normal woman, and he would find me ten times as lovely as any model. Is it true dear?? hehe

Anyway it bothers me though to always hear women talk to each other about how there are no decent guys out there. The experiences they describe make it sound like all men are complete jerks or freaks. If they always attract guys like that they might stop to wonder what it is about themselves that draws them to inappropriate men.

My sweet and caring love told me, 

"There are a lot of guys out there who are not flashy or trendy, may not drive the cool car, but truly appreciate the woman they are with. I don't get when women date guys who treat them badly when there are plenty of men around who would love the opportunity to treat a woman like a queen. So what I'm basically saying is that guys like to be appreciated for who they are, not how much money they make. And if we're given half a chance you will be rewarded with a guy who thinks the world begins and ends with you. Well, i definitely know who i want to end my life  with." 

I smiled of course in the end :)

Yes, the explanation was very long.. I remembered each and every word *i guess* because he was so passionate when he explained something. That's why i love him :). Well, that's definitely true. Guys are just like women too. The too want love and attention, a little appreciation would be nice. To all you single ladies out there, don't be afraid to fall in love, don't be afraid to take any chance you have when it comes to love. It's a wonderful feeling, you will never know when you might meet a guy who loves you for who you are. Remember girls, we women have aura's to attract men, that is our passion when it comes to love. Men will be men, women shall be women as well.



cHaK™ said...

nicely wrote~ totally agree with the statement :)

Salina Hj Ismail said...

tq :))

Anonymous said...

hi, new to the site, thanks.

Salina Hj Ismail said...

do come again