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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

What happened.. :(

Im not jealous.. its just that i have a hard time knowing the best in life you guys have now.. Sure i may not be as happy or as rich as u..or even as famous as you? Well.. at first i cared.. i want to be part of the group.. then to think of it.. did i? i mean.. do i really wanna be part of that?

I spend my time alone most of the time.. My boyfriend is far.. mummy is always busy with her programmes , kakak is working now.. amer and ueen are still studying.. So yeah.. my life is kinda dull.. the only fun i had if my cousin tia came by.. but she's busy with her studies now...

My life.. dull... yesterday i went out...i went out alone.. i need to be out of the cacoon! I dressed up like meeting the girls.. the fact is..i went out alone... sad...yes it was sad..

My destination was Masjid Jamek... I know thats the only place i feel that i can smile, seeing people; family, children and couples, hanging out having a good time.. i sat down and stared.. and what i saw was heart warming.. a very beautiful girl.. she was definitely a little girl.. she seemed to have such interest with the shawl she was holding.. indeed she have a good taste at a young age.. it looked like she wanted to buy it.. i saw her taking out her barbie purse.. from my perspection, she doesnt have enough money.. she looked at the shawl one last time.. and left.. and drowned in the flood of human.. i wonder.. where's her parents.. does she even have parents to begin with? I followed her.. she stopped at a 'keropok lekor ' and bought a plastic of maybe worth a ringgit delicacies.. she went on.. i dont know why i followed at first..

You may ask.. why i did that? why i followed her.. i actually dont know.. somehow i feel like i want to know where she was going.. suddenly she went into an alley just before reaching central market.. i was eager to know where she was going.. and as i followed.. i saw her little brother.. begging for money.. her mother was just lying there helplessly .. i was shocked.. because that little girl did not look like i expected she to be..The worst part was.. i know her mother.. yes.. her mother was a women who sold me a beautiful scarf about a year ago.. she was as healthy as an ox.. but the women i saw was totally different.. i handed some money.. she was surprised.. i couldnt belive she remembered me.. the girl just stared at me.. the women cried... i squated down and asked.. she told me.. right after she sold me the scarf a bought from her a year ago.. she was chased by her husband ah long's.. i leaned back as i was shocked..

Debt..i see.. i dont want to ask more.. i just gave her some money and bought something for them to eat.. i pity them.. i wish to see them again..

Though she is going through tough times.. her bond with her children is what kept them together.. to hell her husband.. so selfish.. i just pray the best for her and the lovely kids..

Sometimes.. we just have to be grateful for what we have.. Alhamdulillah...

Sorry all of the pictures are not in sequence.. MALAS NAK SUSUN..haha

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