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Wednesday, 5 January 2011



I hate you because :

- you think you're the only one with problems in this world
- you are a terrible secret keeper
- you only need me when you feel u needed me
- you called when you have problems though it has been some time since we kept in touch
- you feel that you are always the victim about everything
- you are a liar...

Actually.. I dont like to point finger to anyone... But if anyone who reads this felt it's him/her... Better wake up and smell the coffee.. Seriously, everyone hates you actually.. I admit people hate me too.. I bet you hate me too.. This is how i express on how i really feel about you.. I can't take it anymore!

We had our rough times together, fun , sad and laughter.. But, As time passes by, I learned from my past.. My history.. Come to think of it.. You were never 'there' when i need you.. You were only there when you need something or need someone to talk too... Its all about you! Im so sick of it... IM SORRY, BUT THATS THE TRUTH!

No, i don't feel good typing this post... But i feel that i need too.. Because i want to... I pity you actually.. Yes i do.. You gave people advice, but you yourself is not adviced by your advices, get the advice? Hahaha...

Boo Hoo... I am so sad... Well im not... Take this as a piece of my mind to you, so that you will actually open your eyes on what people actually thinks about you.. Get a life.. again... GET A LIFE!

-Adapted from my heart-

Hahahaha... Actually, this is nothing... Okay, snap to reality! This is a session i had with my friend.. She wants me to type it out... Why? This is called expression.. Actually she always wanted a blog but to lazy to update and even create one.. She hates to think..Hehehehe...

This is one of the way for you to express yourself... Apart from scribbling, doodling or throwing things? Okay2...Maybe not throwing things as if that happens, you have to sign up for an anger management course..hehe
What matters to me , what is real to me, is inspiring and helping people. Directly or indirectly, whenever I’m able to help someone solve a really tough problem or to motivate someone to finally push past a big obstacle, that is something I find tremendously fulfilling. And the fulfillment I get from doing this is so great that it trumps all the external stuff. It doesn’t matter how much money I make. It doesn’t matter if people reject my ideas or poke fun at what I enjoy doing. This blog entry may be read by over 1000 people, but it may be such that the ideas within are only able to help one person in a very small way. The other 999 may conclude I’m nuts and unsubscribe. And that’s fine. It’s that one person I’m writing for. It's you buddy :)
Live for what is real to you. Live for what truly matters to you.

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