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Saturday, 30 May 2009

Inspired by a dream

Inspired by a dream

You come here to do certain



You may have one task

or many.

Your tasks may be obvious to you.

or you may need time,


maybe struggle

even to clarify

your tasks.

You may never quite even clarify your task

until the moment

your time in this body

You may work on your task for years

before you realize,

“This is my task.”

The tasks you came to perform

may take the whole of your life

or be done in an instant.
You may be aware

you are performing your life task

while you do it.
You may perform your task quickly,

hardly noticing

anything special,


you are doing the task

you came to do

while you do it.
Your task may be so easy,

obvious and


you never even wonder,

"What is my task?"

Your unique blend

of talents and interests

may lead you

to your task

and you just do it.

Or, your task may be a constant,



you fight

every step of the way.

Your task may be noble and wonderful

and gain you recognition,

rewards and honors.

Or, it may be simple, totally unnoticeable by anyone else.

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